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    I dont know if the 12F629 is going obsolete or not but Farnell here in the UK say they will have no more when current stock is gone , but the 12F675 is still carrying on so you can use that Don
  2. Thanks Mr RC-Cam I had just found the F3 key however when I load your hex file it tries to set the fuses to 39C4 but no matter what combination of fuses I use under F3 I cannot get it higher than 306F and that is by turning on these fuses ER... CLKOUT...Watchdog Ttimer..power up timer....brown out ,,,, MCLR enabled....BG1...BG0...Code protect 0 and data protect If I only set INTOSC,,, PWRT,,, and BODEN as reccomended in your project The fuses number only comes out as 01C4 however with these settings it sems to work fine Now that its working I have to say, its a great little project Thanks for making it available Don
  3. Well I dont know why it works but we managed to set the fuses to 01C4 and it seems to be working ok now . What difference is there in the fuses between 01C4 and 39C4 ? Don
  4. Having troubles here with the landtastic code and a picall programmer heres the process of events that leads us to a non-worker using a pic 12f629 with a picall programmer and software v0.16 Start with a blank empty program and empty blank virgin pic. Software starts, hit clear buffer and im left with these values. Start prog 0000 end prog 03ff sn/id FFFF fuse/prot 3FFF calibration 3FFF Load the code in and it changes to Start prog 0000 end prog 03ff sn/id 1E10 fuse/prot 39C4 calibration 3FFF Hit program and verify (all good) then read the chip back in and heres what I get. Start prog 0000 end prog 03ff sn/id 1E10 fuse/prot 31FF <------- not set as expected. calibration 3FFF Hit the progconf button to set only the fuse/prot word and then read the chip back Start prog 0000 end prog 03ff sn/id 1E10 fuse/prot 31C4 <------ second byte has been accepted but first one reverted back. calibration 3FFF Now this is all without setting the calibration of the chip which was 3468, If i set that in the calibration box (and on other attempts also editing 03FF to show the same value) there is still no difference (other than the calibration value showing correctly eg. Start prog 0000 end prog 03ff sn/id 1E10 fuse/prot 31C4 <-------- still showing as 31c4 and not 39c4 calibration 3468 Can anybody with a picall who has this working (we were just trying the simple basic version to prove it works) give this a whirl or let us know how your programmer behaves when trying this test as all our servo does is twitches once upon receiving power and thats it. nothing from the gear switch after that. We have proven the electronics are ok (not that theres that much to check!) but still its doing nothing. This has all been tried on various new chips just in case as well as pulling the breadboard and trying it from scratch. Any clues? Someone must have a picall and use this......... Regards, Don
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