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  1. Thanks so much. I will see if I can get some chips programmed and plug them in! Cheers, colin
  2. I am quite OK with the speeds that it gives me and the gimbal is quite useable, I may increase high rates a bit if we get this sorted out, but I am happy either way. One thing that I would like to see on the Pan-Cam is, when you flip the centering switch, that the servos would centre a bit more slowly or ramp up and down to prevent the big jerking motion and what I would guess to be high current draw. I know nothing about pic programming, so I dont know if that would be easy to do or not, just an idea. I dont know if it makes a difference, but I seem to be having some Rx problems. Anything plugged into channel 4 (roll) glitches badly. I will eliminate the pan cam from the circuit and troubleshoot that problem before doing anything else. I am using Airtronics RD6000 and RD8000 Tx and currently an older Berg 6. I have several rx's to test. I will do a little movie, dont know exacly how I will convert it yet (.mov from my camera), never done it, but I think I can figure it out. Thanks for your help. Colin
  3. Pin 4 is connected to ground on both pan and tilt. colin
  4. I just built and installed a pan cam circuit. I used the auto centering option. Everything works very well except.... When I have my endpoints above 85-90% and give full deflection of a stick, the servo rapidly goes to that endpoint and wont stop when I release the stick. (until it hits the endpoint) And servo travel is fairly slow up until what I described above. I had a friend program the pic's for me and used the 180 degree servo travel hex file. Auto centering works perfectly and the speed is proportional (but top speed is only about 1/2 speed) up to the point when the servo flies to the endpoint. Any suggestions or ideas?? I can live with it as is, just turning down endpoints, but wonder if there is something wrong in the circuit. Cheers and thanks so much for a cool circuit! Colin
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