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  1. I think it can be realistic. Our GPS has a 2 meters accuracy then we do an extended Kalman filter included the INS and the GPS result. By this way we can have theoricaly 5mm accuracy, then we can hope 10mm. But this will be for the end of the year...
  2. We are testing our INS this summer and start a new version (smaller than the current one). We don't have make all tests to give you all specifications on attitudes error but this will comming soon. We plan to sell it at the end of the year. And we also plan to develope and integrated INS with GPS and make a specific extended Kalman filter in order to have a position, evrywhere on the earth with accuracy of 10 milimeters. Our modul can be compared to xsens and microstraim moduls. But it will be smaller than those. I will make my best to give you more details as soon as possible. Bob
  3. Or any freescale uC. You can find free programmation board on this site : TBDML debugging interface Freescale ofer free samples and deliver it via FedEx in 2 days. This is why I use their uC. Thay also have a wide range of ARM.
  4. hi, I've just discovered you're so interestening forum. I'm working with my team on an UAV project embedded in a Piper Cub J3. We have work hard on the electronic side of the project and we now have the following results: - GPS navigation (2m accuracy) - Inertial Measurement Unit with 6° of freedom, design by ourselves. - Altimeter and air speed. - Bidirectionnal radio transmission system with 5km range - USB receiver on ground - Voltage, currant and alimentation board temperature (don't put your finger on it ) and in the next mounth, debimeter and engine informations (RPM, T°, ...). We also have a basic 3D interface, in OpenGL, but I'm sorry the screen capture has been made without telemetry informations. But it can give an idea: You also have videos on this page : Choose the first Video (71Mo). I'm also impressed by Cybe-Heli job ! Really good one! Bob
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