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  1. I tested the Mask and it work Ok. I used it all the day. Here is winter and dint test it in a hot day. I use FOAM to stop the light environmet ( boton and side perimeter ) If you have a big nose, you can give more angle to the down side. No lights Reflections on the screen.
  2. Zorro?? I thought tha was the Daft Punk´s helmet Other photos: Velcro in the side. Look like the plastic is inside of the pin. It is becouse of the 1,5 cm cut Velcro on the top and side Velcro on the top Foam in the borders
  3. I leave here the Picture to do the Z800 mask This picture was inpired in other mask put here, but this draw is personal Instruction: Print the picture in a A3 PAPER A3, them draw the same picture over a flexible black plastic.. I send you in 2 format .PSD and .JPG PSD original: http://www.fileflyer.com/view/t2iTNB6 JPg ( not tested) The original ins the PSD ( I dint test the JPG). PRINT it in ORIGINAL SIZE If your printer dont allow A3 format, you can print it in 2 sheets A4 in the ORIGINAL SIZE ( print in 2 sheets and them you must paste ). Other method is print the 2 copys of the half and them, pastye is becouse is a simetric draw). TURN THE TABS: You must turn 90º the botton tabs. Teh tabs avoid the light. CUT: The "top lateral" lines 1,5 cm. This cut allow you put the mask inside the laterals pins. VELCRO: Where said VELCRO,,you must paste the velcro of course , The velcro ajust the mask in the front and by sides. Placement Mehtod: You must put the mas between the lens and the structure. Ajust the top Velcros Ajust the Sides Velcros. I advice ajust the sides velcros with the Z800 on the head, to ajust the eye-lente range first. OPTIONAL: You can use foam in the low tabs to get a better ajust. That is all. Easy to put, Easy to take out Sergio
  4. TODAY we tested the Rectractil Antena 2.0 again J.carlos was the pilot and the plane owner. He got 2521 mts of altitude just over the field!!!!! 8271 feets!! Airplane, the same: EASYSTAR MULTIPLEX The antena Retractil worked excelent,, Wich is the electric altitude record?? I listen that was about 2500 but i cant remember exaclty.. ANiBODY KNOW WICH IS THE ELECTRIC FLIGHTS HEIGHT WORLD RECORD? In the field there was 7 FPV!! We had 4 RX following the flights A very good info: We put a wireless temperature sensor in the plane and the info was: In the field: 22º C At 1000 Mts: 12ºC At: 1500 mts: 4ºC At: 2000 mts: 1ºC them we lose the temperature sensor conection Very interersting to mantein the LIPOS protected from the cold. Sergio
  5. This weekend whe tested the retractil antenna. Very good news. A friend did a high altitude flight. He put my retractil antenna in his setup. When he was at 800 mts altitude, the noise appears in the screen. So he activated the antenna and put it in horizontal position. The noise desapears and the image was clean. He got 1550 mts with his Easystar ( a Spain record ), and the image was very clean. He was flying just over the club at 1550 mts!! He used GPS telemetry. The servo works very well without any vibration So,,,, its works 10 Pts. Sergio
  6. I am agree with Kirlah , the preamps works bad if the source signal is very low. The preamps will put more noice in that conditions. We tested that day a preamps with bad result ( 20 Dbm + - ) I heard that to get good preamps results, the preamps must be 10Dbm or less,, if you put a bigger preamps, you will put more noise. The Power Tx and the distance insn´t linear performance you know that. For example,, 1W is a 30% more range than 500mW just that. I am agree with terry in this point. Would be very interesting do the same test with 1,3 Ghz and 900 Mhz. If anyone have those systems, please do that : to compare with 2.4 Mhz. The main conclusion is that is possible 10,25 miles video flights ( speaking about the video only,, the rc is other theme.... ). And to get better security, an autotraking antenna is needed. 10º antenna movement is very few and is possible lose conection if you are alone an nobody can help you moving the antenna. The antena was vertical, just 9 or 10º in horizontal plane
  7. HERE THE VIDEO: Server 1: http://www.fileflyer.com/view/0SImrB0 server 2 http://files-upload.com/files/576056/16Kms...sVideoTest.divx Divx is necessary. I dint compress the video to show you the quality. Now, watching the video in my computer, I note that the image is not so good like me and my mate saw in field. But I continue thinking that is good for 10,25 miles ( 16,5 kms away). The day was very bad and windy. The Tx antenna wast in the best place, j.carlos put the antenna inside the model´s cockpit :confused: We tested a rx signal amplificator too( i dont know the model becouse the owner was my mate Luico ). The image with the 12V amplifier was worst. I heard that some aplifier works well, i would like the model to test it. Would be nice if anybody do the same test with 900Mhz and 1.3 ghz systems to compare. I cant do that becouse I have 2.4 only. I hope with this video test, give my grain of sand to the FPV long range flights...
  8. Today, me and 4 mates more, did a new range test to the 2,4Ghz video System. In one field was 2 recivers systems ( Field Nº 2 ): Standar lawmate reciver and a Jellow Jaket Diversity. The Standar reciver had a 9 Dbi Omni antenna ( home made ) and in the Diversity reciver had a 14Dbi Patch and a 7Dbi omni. ( the patch was 8º vertical position ) In the other field an Easystar with 1W tx and 3dbi whip antenna ( Field Nº 1 ). The distance between the 2 fileds was 16,5 Kilometers ( 10.25 miles ) Both groups was conected by telefone Well,, we put the antennas watching the field Nº 1 ( compass was required). The Easystar becomes to ascend doing circles ( FPV MODE). All the time the Easystar was over the field Nº1 Well, we get Excelent video!!!!!!!!!!! Just when the airplane was above 300 mts altitude ( 984 feets) the video signal appears. ( low than that,, we hadn´t ). Very good news!! So now we know that we can fligh 16,5 Kms without problem!!. Video Quality: Was very good! The best image was in the PAtch antena. The Home made omni didnt was better than the patch. In the diversity, the signal was in the patch all the time. ( it had a 7 Dbi omni and 14 dbi patch ) Conclusion: 1) we can fligh 16,5 kms with 1W Tx lawmate video without problem. 2) The Diversity Yellow Jacket work excelent in long range flights. 3) The best antenna was the 14 Dbi patch ( we hadn´t any 8dbi in the field to test it ). 4) like between the 2 fileds there are hills, was nescesary flight hight. 5) the Standar Range video reciver work well too. 6) The Antenna movement to this range, mut be low than 10º. If you move the antenna more than that, you will lose signal. I show You a Fields satellite photos. Thans to: J. Carlos ( pilot ) Sergiona ( co-pilot ) Buitrago ( co-pilot ) Luico ( Standar Reciver ) And me jeje ( Diversity reciver ) SATELLITE IMAGE ( The BLUE LINE SHOW THE 16,5 Kms = 10.2531 miles)
  9. Here my 2nd. Retractil Antenna The reason of this device is put the Tx antenna horizontal when we fly over the 800 mts ( 2400 feets ) of altitude. You know that the whip antenna radiate by side. When we fly very hight ( over the 800 mts, we become to lose video signal becouse of the whip antenna can´t radiate us ( if the position is vertical , of course ). If we want coninue ascending, we must fly far to entry in the radiation zone. Is dangeous fly hight and far beouse the winds are very diferents there. Well, all this problem is finish with this device. We will be able to fly over the club and very high without any problem. The solution is turn 90º the antenna with a micro servo. The lever is on the antenna so we dont need modify the airplane . We must use a free channel to connect the servo. When we ascending and become to lose signal, we must activate the servo antenna to turn it 90º and it will irradiate direct to the ground. The vertical position change to horizontal. Them, when we want descend, we desactivate the servo antenna and the antenna back to the vertical position. Just that, is very simple and easy. We need program the servo movent ( in the rc radio ), before paste it to the antenna. Is very easy. Whe dont need any airplane change. We used a micro servo, 2 plastic flanges ( i dont know the word in english) and a peace of plastic. Time: 15 minutes The paste was done with ciano and epoxi. I show you the photos.
  10. Is a pleasure to announce the: I NATIONAL FPV MEETING in SPAIN 15 and 16 of September. Will come FPV Pilots From all Spain. GIANT SCREEN Showin video LIVE FROM THE Airplanes! LAST Techologys of FPV!! ( Such Headtrackins, OSDs, Autopilots, a new prototipe of autotrackin antenna, etc) The event will be in MURCIA, SPAIN It organizes AeromodelismoVIrtual.com Are all invited!! To more information see THIS LINK IN SPANISH If want More Information in English, please PM me. NOTE: If any FPV Shops Wants colaborate with any gift to offer to the pilots, please send me an PM and will be announce and do publicity the meeting day! We are looking for a Diversity Reciver to put in the GIANT SCREEEN with Live Video from the Airplanes. So, If the Shops wants colaborate with a discount, please send me an PM. Sergio00 AeromodelismoVIrtual.com Administrator I FPV Meeting ( Spain ) Organizer Staff Member
  11. HI I show you another video that was waiting for edition Was in February 2007 FPV CAMILO ALDAO, Cordoba - ARGENTINA - XIII FESTIVAL DE AEROMODELISMO Are walks along the fields. Is recorded in 2 diferents days ( friday with few people and saturday with a lot) The Zlog altimeter on fridays was wrong reset, but on saturday I put it ok. LINK: Server 1 ( FAST): http://www.wikiupload.com/download_page.php?id=168902 Server (Slow): http://www.uploading.com/files/ICD1GD9J/Ca...doDia.divx.html Note: Need DivX decoder. Is DVD quality I hope you enjoy it Sergio
  12. This googles was an old know. ( several years ago ) Vrflyer had it? I am not sure, but I remember that it had 26º FOV Old technology and very expensive.
  13. Thank you very much Cyber-Flyer All very clear Thanks for to share the information with us Sergio
  14. Thanks you very much ThomasScherrer and Kilrah. very clear. Like CyberFlyer got the "Altirude Record" I would like to know if he has any more to said. CyberFlyer, I would like listen your experence about Tx video antena position. Thanks Sergio
  15. Yes Kilrah, HD is like to see through a windows. Mi personal Altitude record in an electric plane (Easystar) is 1248 Mts. ( I have an edited video in DivX quality and the Zlog archives if you wants to see something) I have a question to Kilrah or Cyber-Flyer: To get the best video reseption in "Hight Altitudes" ( + 1500 mts ), wich is the best video antenna position? vertical or horizontal?? Your experence is important to me, becouse I´m fraid to put it in horizontal position and them lose signal in the takeoff / landing or in low altitudes ( - 500 mts ). Thanks Sergio
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