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We've seen significant changes over the last twenty years. Initially there were a lot of eager R/C hobbyist that built their own video systems. Allowing these creative individuals to share their work was the purpose of this site. Now the FPV market is flooded with low cost systems; Sadly DiY FPV video projects are now rarely discussed.

RC-CAM.com (main site and forum) will be closing down August 2021. This was announced several months ago (March 2021) to allow our members ample time to download any information that is important to them. After the site is shutdown the information will no longer be available here.

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  1. ok, I see, I really don´t have the knowledge and equipment for doing that.
  2. Well, the end of this story. I received new lawmate 500mW rx, and I could try some other things. I have installed a switch for the fpv gear, so when I don´t fly by fpv my okto I turn it off. I tried, to connect/disconect the main battery with this switch off. Voila, problems gone, no more tx damaged so far. I think this is something related with okto´s caps loading on startup, something that my oscilloscope didn´t see, but might be there and that damages the tx. Do you think is there a way to repair my 3 damaged tx?
  3. Thanks for helping. I always use the correct caps on the datasheet on all my regulators. I haven´t seen an intermittent operation of the video tx, even on my second tx installed, this was working for about 45 min continuosly as a test at home, without any air flow, I mean static operation. I suspect that there´s something related with power on and off, because this has happened when I turn off the system (all went good flying) and when I turn on for a second flight, tx has burnt. Seems like the tx lost its power stage, because it doesn´t even get hot
  4. Hi all, it´s been a while since I don´t post here. I´ve been flying with lawmate 1.2ghz 500mW tx for a while on my quads and okto. On my okto, I used to use an extension pcb that mikrokopter used to sell a while ago, and now that I´m looking for it to link it here, seems that they don´t sell it anymore. Anyway, the voltage regulator that they used was a Traco TSR1-24120 SIP3 I used that extension pcb apart for feeding my leds, for taking down volts from my main battery (4S), to 12V. With those 12V, I powered the camera, microphone, and the original cable regulator from lawmate that requires 12V. I quit on using that regulator because if you have lower that 13.5V in, the regulator quits working. Instead, I installed the very popular LM-2940-12V, for feeding 12V to the lawmate regulator, camera and microphone. The system has been working very well for months, either on my okto and on my quad, until couple weeks ago. I went to fly with my okto, and right after taking off I got a very poor video signal, lots of snow, and unfliable. Had to land right the way without googles. Went home, tried that tx on my quad and saw that the video signal was too bad, tx didn´t get hot as usual eithter. Changed the tx on my okto for a new one, tested at home once, all was good. Went to fly yesterday, made an entire flight without any problems. When I was prepared for a second flight, the same bad video signal right after take off. Went home again, and checked that I had from the lawmate regulator nice and stable 5V out. I changed the lawmate regulator for a brand new one, changed the tx again for a new home, and made a 1 hour continuosly trial at home, video was good again. After 30 min, did a second trial at home, and then it happened again, tx fried. I then inspected with the oscilloscope on the 5V line out the lawmate regulator, did few trials, powering up and down, and didn´t appreciate any voltage peaks, clean 5V were read. I kind of lost on this problem, have tried with different antennas too, and that doesn´t seem to be the problem either. Sorry for this long post but I tried to explain well for better understanding.
  5. Hi, thanks Mr.RC-Cam, I´ll post some pictures of it later on here.
  6. Yes seems many people are happy with photohigher AV 200. The only bad thing I´ve heard is about slow responsiness of the roll servo during flight, so it won´t correct as fast as required, have you noticed too?
  7. ok thanks a lot kilrah, I´d go with lm 2940 12V 1A route.
  8. Hi, I´m using this pcb for my okto 12V fpv gear, I have a 4S main battery to power everything there https://www.mikrocontroller.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=65&products_id=576&zenid=6c04586999fb3fbf977f51b8f416e313 I didn´t notice since last few days that while flying fpv, I lost fpv video. The problem is that the suggested Volt regcuts feeding to 12V at about 13.5V, very dangerous to use this voltage regulator for fpv. I was thinking on using Linear LM 2940 12V low dropout, since it will never quit feeding the fpv gear, below a certain voltage in, it will output the same volts than it has in. Do you know a better option than this reg (non linear more efficient) to use for this application?
  9. Nice video Kilrah, you´re right, things that before Mk guys discovered and implemented after on a new firmware, was very hard to locate the parameter that didn´t go well for an expecific configuration, I remember my days having trouble with altitude hold on my okto coax. Even right now there are parameters to touch to minimize wobbles, on wind, or while descending. I see you applied a deshaker? which mount are you using? I´m using a custom made 3mm plywood one, with 2:1 reductions on roll and tilt
  10. Maybe if you describe your problem I could help you. I suppose you have PID settings for the alt hold function? You said that after installing the magnetometer, you now have very solid yaw control, is the yaw control unprecise before installing the magnetometer? What kind of gyros does it have the multiwii?.
  11. Thanks both. @Terry, you have to be very pacient dealing with pid tunning, and trying to get rid of vibrations, at least with mikrokopter, on both those videos there are many hours of work trial&error for getting something decent out.
  12. Hi all it´s been a while since I don´t write on this forum. here are my last 2 videos.
  13. I think is better to jailbreak the iphone/ipad rather than use the alternative control app, what do you think kilrah? Mr.RC-Cam first step, jailbreak your iphone/ipad, here´s a site for doing it with lots of info on different devices. http://www.iclarified.com/jailbreak/index.php I´ve done my iphone jailbreak many times using their tutorials. @kilrah have a nice time here in Spain.
  14. iPhone and iPad has video out, but only for certain tasks, as view pictures and videos, you can´t see the main menu or a 3rd party app. For doing this, you have to run one of the jailbreak process and install with cidia an app to give you real video out. Can´t remember the app right now, but if you have interest, I´ll search.
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