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  1. Thanks! Is there anywhere I can get the schematics for the Drop Module internals and build the curcuit myself? I'd really hate to waste a perfectly good drop module!
  2. Hello all! I'm a new member and an owner of an Aerobird Commander with the ever popular X-port. My friends and I are interested in doing a rocket assist either for launching or maybe some mid-flight "fun". So this leads to my next question. How does the X-port work? I broke out the multimeter last night and this pic. First, I verified that the outermost pins provide a constand voltage of 7.2V. The 7.2V should be enough (of course I'll use slightly heavier gauge wire) to fire off the ignitor. But I can't seem to figure out how the 2 innermost pins operate. Are they supposed to put out a voltage? The most i could get out of either was only 0.25V without the button on the controller pressed and 0.8V with the button pressed. I was mislead by another message board that said the 2 innermost pins are +5V and -5V respectively. Since I assumed this person was correct, I went to radioshack and purchased this RADIOSHACK 5V RELAY I was really hoping to use a relay to fire the rocket ignitor. Is this a possibility and how should I wire it up? Thanks in advance and any help you guys can give is greatly appreciated.
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