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  1. Thank you for the answers above. I have asked the same question on another forum, which adressed me to the following page : http://www.michwave.com/bbnetwork/faq/fcc.htm From that page, being on a point-to-point scheme, I understand that I can keep my 500mw TX, and add a 14 db antenna to the transmitter and thus reach 14 watts still remaining legal with no ham license. If anyone think I misunderstood, please shout ! Also, I already own a patch 14db antenna. Should I replace it by a helical or can I stick to it ? Thank you Philippe
  2. Thx for your suggestion Terry. Could you please provide the pros and cons and price of same or any good internet site about it ? Also, do I need the same kind of TX power or does that allow me to reduce the T power from 500 mw to 10mw ? Maybe I am dreaming though Do you see the need for a diversity switch ? Best regards Phil
  3. I am setting-up a video downlink which needs to be very reliable and reach a receiver as far as 1000 meters line-of-sight away, in a heavy urban environment. It has to be strictly directional, as both transmitter and receiver will be fixed. Power consumption is not an issue. I have already been playing for years with 2.4 ghz 400mw to 600 mw MULTI-DIRECTIONAL video downlink, along with 14db patch antenna, and I am used to it. I would gladly use the same for what I am setting up, except that 600 mw is not within legal limits, and that I do get some interferences now and then which I need to
  4. I have just received a great 420 lines color board CCD from Mexico. Quality is amazingly good in the dark, I am quite surprised. 2 questions : 1- the camera is getting really HOT when I plug it to a 12v li-ion brand new portable battery. But it does not get hot at all when I connect it to a 8-AA recharge NIMH battery pack ? What am I doing wrong ? 2- I bought this cam because it is quite thin, BUT the white 4-pins cable connection makes a 90 degrees angle to the board, only allowing the RCA cable to connect to it on a 90 degrees angle. Consequence : the total camera + cable connecti
  5. I am trying to put a standard 600 mw cam-video transmitter on my dog's harness...You may call me crazy, I know, but that may be an interesting - and funny - subject. Question 1 : Since I guess the antenna should stand a bit higher than the dog, therefore quite close to the dog's brain, is 2.4 ghz as dangerous for the brain as a cellphone is ? If it is, then I won't do it. And since you are asking, no, I won't connect a Hitec servo receiver to her brain. Because the brain is just too small :-) Dogs look like their master, don't they ? Question 2 : If it is not, dangerous for her brain,
  6. I would go for a colour 420 lines 1/3 CCD one. I would also go for an integrated microphone one, just for any later use.
  7. I have a microcamera 600mw transmitter, which works just great. It was working on a 12v dc input, but there was an internal regulator and a 12v-5v step-down as the core transmitter actually works on 5v. A technician made a 1mn work to shunt the regulator and allow me to use it from a 4 AA batteries pack. It was fine, and I was a happy man. Now I cannot contact the technician any more and I need to come back to the previous 12v imput system as I will use this transmitter for something else. Would anyone be nice enough to explain to me what I need to de-solder and where to solder it b
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