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  1. Hello all, Can anyone describe to me an easy way to build an antenna for the X-10 receiver? I read the description of the one on rc-cam's site but I'm not sure I understand it( copper or brass tubing). I built the ground plane antenna for the transmitter and got fairly decent results on my maiden video flight but it cut in and out with distance. I was hoping to build the goof proof antenna, would that design work with the X-10 receiver? If so, how do I connect the antenna cable to the goof proof? Sorry for all the questions, I'm a little new to all this kinda stuff. Rob
  2. Well you are right...it is one of those Hong Kong cheapies from e-bay. I just couldn't afford one of them pricey units. Is there a way for a laymen to check the frequency easily or is it pretty involved? And finally could I use a ground plane antenna like this for the transmitter: http://www.yb2normal.com/antenna3.html Thanks again Rob
  3. Hi guys, I was wondering will a 1.2 ghz transmitter work well with the "goof proof" antenna on the receiver? And is 2.4 ghz better than 1.2 ghz? Also my transmitter is 800mw. Thanks Rob
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