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  1. Recommended cable distances Cable Type* Maximum Distance RG59/U 750 ft. RG6/U 1,000 ft. RG11/U 1,500 ft.
  2. Thanks Mr RC-Cam. I gave the pin a tug and it seems to have worked. Thanks also for the link - very hard to find that kind of info. Cheers B.
  3. I recently bought a commercial 8dB patch antenna and it had a faulty connector in that the pin was pushed into the connector. With the cost of postage I doubt is is worth going back to the supplier and I would like to have a go at replacing the connector. Does anyone know where I could get some clear instrutions for installing SMA crimp connectors onto a cable? I had a similar problem when I learned to use F connectors. I couldn't find anything and ended up using trial and error, but I think that is not a good idea in this case! Thanks in anticipation. B.
  4. I've long been a fan of the Viewcast Osprey 100 PCI capture card. I've only ever used it under Windows, however they claim it can be used under Linux, more than one can be used in a system and they supply an sdk. Osprey 100 link. It may be what you are after. Good luck! B.
  5. I've been using my Oracle with a Kiwi time stamp OSD <http://www.geocities.com/kiwi_36_nz/kiwi_osd/kiwi_osd.htm> during testing with no problems. B.
  6. I think developing an innovative product AND getting it to market in a matter of months is an extrordinary effort. Congratulations! b.
  7. Hi All I used my Oracle for a few hours yesterday. Unfortunately, I still don't have some the equipment I ordered to help with testing - additional antennae etc, so what I did was to run for a while with the RSSI unit as a baseline, then swap the antenae to the Oracle without moving them and repeat with the tx travelling over the same path. Viewed on that basis it is difficult to make fine level comparisons but both gave good results with some loss of signal when the tx passed behind trees as viewed from the recievers. It was noticable that the Oracle switched more often than the other unit when set at sensitivity 3. Again unfortunately, my normal gear is committed to a big event next week, so I won't be able to do comparison or gang tests the next two weekends, but by the time it is back, I should have the additional new gear. Mr RC- Cam I'm not sure I can add much value to what the other testers have so ably reported, but I will keep you posted on my progress. I think you have it pretty well right and I'm glad to see above that you are ready to commit to production. Hope it goes well! Cheers B.
  8. Sounds as though time is short. I was hoping to have at least 2 more weekends to come up with some relevant testing. Do you have a timescale in mind? Before I tear my hair out, are you looking at the picture of my box that I posted 28/4 2:02am or the copy of Lupy's picture of his box that I posted 28/4 1:40pm? Cheers B.
  9. I agree this is the best way, and I regret not using your Vid A out and Vid B out for may labels. It was well thought through. Perhaps the pic below will explain what I was on about. Hope I was not being too pedantic. It is just a detail. Cheers B.
  10. Just an idea - for test purposes we could show when switching occurs by deliberately mal - adjusting the brightness. Mark - Thanks for the suggestion. I was thinking along the lines of something more controlled and repeatable in the first instance. Cheers B.
  11. As noted above, I recieved my beta 2 unit last Tuesday. First, the tale of the boxes. I had not ordered the specified box in anticipation of the arrival of Oracle. In retrospect, I probably should have, but I was thinking it probably a little environmentally insensitive to bring a cheap plastic box half way round the world by airmail. Ok apart form that I was probably procrastinating, :-) anyway once I had Oracle in my hot little hands, I was too impatient to wait a week for a box, so I went off to the local electronics suppliers looking for boxes. Couldn't find any exact matches, but settled on a jiffy box from Jaycar as a likely prospect. CAT. NO. HB6012 <www.jaycar.com.au>. I had reservations however, because it did not have removable front and back panels. This was going to make it more difficult to install the PCB. By Saturday I had second thoughts and decided to again chase the specified box. I was surprised to find that one of the suppliers listed in the manual had a dot com dot au suffix to its url. On further investigation I found their Sydney warehouse is only 5 minutes drive away. Not only that, but they are open Satureday! My lucky day. I phoned to place an order only to be told they only stock it in the US and there is a 5-8 day delivery time. :-( Back to the jiffy box. Still, thanks to Lupy's templates, which were a great help, (thanks) I had the PCB securely tucked away in the jiffy box, attached by the 4 pcb mounting holes and the 5 RCA screws after about 2 hours work in the shed. Not quite as neat as Lupy's but reasonably workman-like. I had to cut a slot for the progamming switch and move the LEDs back to the edge of the board so it could rotate into position. As soon as I had the box all closed up I realised that I had not left a hole for access to the brightness trim pot. I might try estimating where it is and drilling a hole without dismantling everything. I don't imagine the self tappers supporting the RCA connectors will stand for too many cycles. Maybe this deserves a mention in the manual or drilling templates? I suppose most will set this and forget it, but some will change gear regularly and require access. Next the tale of the programming. It looks a little daunting in the manual and feels that way the first time through. Second time "Ok - I'm getting the hang of this!" Third time - "No Worries." In other words, for the target audience it works well. We seem to have some slight mixing of nomenclature - video 1 and 2 verses video left and right that we should discuss, agree on and clarify. Given that we may need to swap sources to adjust the brightness, perhaps 1 and 2 are safer than left and right. Then again L and R are more descriptive. Thoughts? Well, now to the testing. It had been my intention to purchase a second BWAV diversity unit and try using the Oracle to join them to create a 4 antenna array, however it appears they are out of stock, so the wind has gone from my sails on that idea for the time being. I'll probably come back to that as I have high hopes for it as a great solution, especially after viewing twinturbostang's comparison video. Then again, perhaps 3 Oracles ganged together would be even better! Guess I'll just start using it and see what brain storms arise. If anyone has any ideas for a brilliant test let me know! Mr RC Cam thanks for the chance to play with your creation! Cheers! B.
  12. Hi Mr RC-Cam, I received my beta 2 test unit yesterday. Thanks. I'll spend some time on it this coming weekend and let you know how I go! Cheers B.
  13. I believe that water can cause mulit path problems. You might try varying the height of the rx above the water to see if you can reduce it. god luck. B.
  14. Hi all. Great topic. Just want to register my interest if the kits become available. Cheers B.
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