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  1. Have anyone tryed to use a satellite dish connected to Rx? Did it boost the range significantly? Or is it even possible? The reaon for these questions is that recently I got A Dish Network satellite, which I'm thinking on somehow attaching to my 1.2 Ghz Rx. I'm thinking that there are 2 possible outcomes: 1) I will work, and give a good boost in range, provided it will be pointed in correct direction, or 2) the satellite dish is incompatable with 1.2 Ghz frequency and there would be nothing good from this setup. Any suggestions are welcome.
  2. so, if I do not use a Vreg and solder Rx directly to battery outputs, my Rx would be fine? Or do I need some circuit to limit my battery's 2000mAh current to Rx's 500mAh?
  3. OK, well my TV uses 8 x 1.2V 2000mAh NiCD batteries, and my Rx uses 9V 500mAh power supply, so I assume that RX has these power requirements. So my question is, can I solder a linear voltage regulator to my TV to provide some power from these NiCD batteries for my RX?
  4. Hello. I was wondering how RC-CAM powered his Rx in this project: http://www.rc-cam.com/fldequip.htm Did you plug in the power adapter to some sort of external battery? Or hacked your portable TV power supply and connected RX to TV? I am trying to get my B/W portable TV and Rx work from same power supply. I am new to this, so if you have any suggestions, please write in Layman's terms. Thanx
  5. so how much did you turn the coil? Half rotation? full rotation? And which way clockwise or counterclockwise? Thx
  6. So does anyone know how exactly one should adjust Rx coil after modification of its aerial. I'm talking about the project involving transforming RC minicar to plane, found here: http://members.aol.com/rchelicam/microszr/microszr.htm (Under Home on the range) Is it trial & error? or do I need to hook up some equipment?
  7. Hi guys. Does anyone know if testing was performed for GP patch antenna on Rx of 1.2GHz cam system? So far I only found that that antenna Doubles the distance. So my question is if anyone performed a test and actually got some numbers? Thx guys.
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