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    Las Vegas Nevada USA O'ahu Island Hawaii
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    Flying model aircraft, Flying with onboard video, using video goggles. Boating

About Me

I am a Small business owner. Refrigeration and Major household appliances service and repair.

Currently in Las Vegas Nevada, Also starting a branch in O'ahu Island Hawaii.

I enjoy flying all types of RC aircrat. from scale, sport and all between airplanes. I have been into first person view

video piloting over 3 years. Now into 2009. Special thanks to the AMA USA for allowing FPV flying (following their guidelines)

This is a great addition to our hobby!

Also I enjoy model boats too. I have 4. The one I like to mention is the Shockwave 55> It is a gasoline powered "V" boat powered by a 26cc gas oil mix engine. Also enjoy boating as well. In one of my videos on you tube, is where my wife was out in our boat while I fly over FPV.

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