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  1. Have you checked out Hobby Kings website? they offer multi channel .9 GHZ and 2.4 GHZ up to 1000 M/w for 2.4 and 1500 M/w on .9 . No mention of ham license nor the one channel only rule for the USA and Canada. My old .9 has 4 and 2.4 has eight channel dip switches. Suppose we want to fly together on separate frequencies? Humm Just FYI
  2. I have replaced the saw filters in 900 MHZ RX. Before the swap out, I have noticed at distance 2 miles + some noise possible from transmitter close to frequency I was on. Now eliminated with the ECS-D480A New saw filter. Works old was F 480 2
  3. After sending the AMA letters and letters from others about the growing FPV addition to our hobby of flying model rc aircraft, they now allow us to fly FPV. Please go to: http://www.modelaircraft.org on the home page in the "search" type in FPV. Please read! . Command pilot (spotter) and FPV pilot must have a current AMA membership. I am currently working with the FAA as to flying elsewhere in whatever area to obtain a clearance for precoordinate (COA) certificate of authorization. That way full scale aircraft will stay clear of our area. To fly high and distance out. out of urban areas.
  4. Phil: I have both the 900 MHZ with 500 milliwatts of RF power from Range Video or 2.4 GHZ with 1000 milliwatts of power. My choice is 900 MHZ. The reason? because you can have it with either 2.4 GHZ such as the Spectrum 2.4 Radio or USA the 72 MHZ aircraft use radio. Also no conflicts. Here is a High altitude video from Hawaii. Remember you tube video is substandard compared to original video I have recorded. Archos 605 I used to record. Go here: Also Here another field: I have another while the sun was in the west. What a beautiful view of second field at a later soon to post. Kawainui Airstrip ure=related Note: That day I was outside the tca so ok to fly high.
  5. Late entry. I like the twin motor plane on the left. The camera is perfect for viewing!
  6. Jet Pilot-- 5 star++ Excellent! I wish the weather was warm here in Vegas. Well plans are to take out our 21 footer boat. My wife at the helm, me up in bow front fly FPV float plane across the Lake Mead follow boat. Now I know I want to do this. Would like to share this FPV video. Yours I like from one place to another, Well please check this one out. Edited becasue long flying time.] video flying distance and high altitude. Can see Hoover Dam at Lake Mead. Go here. Thanks P.S. Looking to get auto pilot on two of my video equipped planes. Reason; plane to fly one of them with myself and another FPV pilot at two separate fields. radios sync for same control. Mid point one off other on and once landed 2nd pilot refuels and sends back. Mid point I take over.Communicate by cell speaker phone. distance approx 7 miles or so. http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseacti...ideoID=26737686
  7. How about this video: An edited one more edit then I wanted. I have the 10 minute full version. In that one one can tell how far I was. Because It had taken some time to get back. Well here check this one out.
  8. Thanks for Viewing I will post the highest and most distance video soon Lake Mead NV . That one deadstick too. I need to replace fuel tank with about 20 ounces one LOL. I use a li poly 11.1 volt especially designed for radio control TX's 4C 2600. Plenty of juice. No glitches.
  9. Flying 100% FPV with Goggles of course. Thank You Take off and Landing at the same airstrip. I have another video flying over Lake Mead Far and very High. I higher then the surrounding mountains. On the long flight home lol. Deadstick!. But high up. Still over the water. Landed back at airfield there too. will post. Stay Tuned . Working on that for You Tube. lvsupertech.
  10. Hi Terry you may had resolved your problem by now. I found mounting horizontal polarization. TX & RX. Gave better results. This plane I have FPV over 2 miles. Here is a video using RX (not diversity) With the 2.4GHZ 14DBI patch antenna and 1 watt TX on plane. No one is aiming antenna! Somewhat long vid best part is about halfway through it. If you prefer. Go here:
  11. I have had trouble with two of four glow airplanes with horizontal lines in video. The airplane (see picture) was the worse. Just thought to share this info for those having the same trouble. I just cut a piece of pipe foam insulation and wrap the TX's in that. Don't worry about airflow because. A gap at top and bottom of TX's allow the heat sink to dissapate generated heat. I use this stuff called goop. Found it works better than silicone. So TX's will not slide out top or bottom. Works Great!! . No vibrating camera video too. I cut a thin piece of foam, the same used to wrap receivers in and removed the back of camera and installed it there. install back... presto helps too. The other planes no trouble, however I will do the same. Even if my Dad says ( if it ain't broke don't fix it). By the way I have foam wrapped the battery too. TX current draw not enough to make it hot. Remove battery from plane to charge. Take off the wrap. Li poly can be a fire hazzard as you probably know. See the picture.
  12. We will need larger fuel tanks. I have had high altitude dead stickNot because I ran out of fuel. Because the engine ran too rich over 5000 feet. So I tuned 3 clicks to go up high. Imagine flying from one field to another. Say have someone fuel your plane up and take off from there to return to home base to you By the way thats great!
  13. Thanks for replies. I have been FPV flying at a dry lake in the middle of the desert near Las Vegas NV. No problems with FPV there.
  14. I had the same problem. That is if I only connected the video goggles to the RX. However when I have connected the PVR and goggles using the "Y" splitter then It was ok. I tried the DV recorder too washed out. With Aiptek recorder it is great. I believe that Aiptek while sharing the output with the goggles made it ok for the video. Goog Luck Doofer.
  15. gwh thank you for info. Rc tubine aircraft have to sign waiver with AMA? I need to read again on this. Getting older lol. If so How about for us as FPV flyers?
  16. One thing came to mind: what about model rockets? Are there FAA guideline regulations of model rockets? Certain high power ones soar very high. Well into the ATC. Rockets soar higher then most of us will fly FPV.
  17. Oh by the way, for the best control range, I routed the RX antenna wire out behind wing, through 4 inch silicone fuel tubing as for a strain relief. toward vertical. Using a "T" pin and a piece of serevo horn and a rubber band to attach antenna wire to vertical fin. Also keep the control RX away from Video TX, or you may get servo chatter on the control surfaces. PS can take picture and post.
  18. Late entry. I have found out for best video and less drop outs was to mount the TX antenna 3 DBI horizontally. This gave best results. The RX has a 15 DBI patch antenna horizontally mounted to match. This is the old camera TX and RX not as good as future hobbies. Here is a video of so called beater plane out over 2 miles with futaba 4 YF 72 MHZ radio. Very high altitude at out in distance too. TX & RX From booster vision. Patch antenna from black widow av. I tried whip antenna on RX and picks up urban RF say cordless phones. The patch screens out because focus on sky only. So here is the video. Mainly check out 2nd half of video. Not too clear of video on the you tube.
  19. By the way, Is it possible to shift say battery pack toward rear to get the balance CG right? since a little nose heavy. I try not to add weight If I do not have to.
  20. I think it will work fine. By the way looks like TX is from future hobbies. If so I have the same one. 1000 milliwatt. 600 milliwatt looks similar Works great! Use with diversity RX and two 12 DBI patch antennas. Will post on you tube soon. lvsupertech there.
  21. tipicalaimster; I agree. Need involvement. I am sure there are more then just 5 persons out there to pull together on this. The AMA should allowflying, at AMA santioned fields. The problem in Vagas is the very few at Bennett Field are afraid that the county of clark parks and recreation department will shut down the public airfield. There is alot of friction there. Vegas is growing rapidly. So for example; new housing tracts went up just west of field. Some residents complained of noise, some complained that we were flying over their homes. East and north of field is all open where we fly. At least I do and people I know there do. Since the new homes went up more problems such as people walking or riding bicycles with children! on tar matt runway. We have not complained about that to parks and recreation. Just called out to warn them of danger. Did notwant more friction there. Might give the committee another reason to shut down the field.
  22. lvspark; Thank you for your imput on this. I believe that as with many changes day to day, with this hobby for example, more and more RC flyers becoming FPV Flyers. The AMA should allow this. I am working on a good letter for them with signatures. Many people here in Vegas know my FPV flying respecful and safe. Of course I will cooperate with FAA guidlines.
  23. FAA Page 6 of 6. What about FPV flyers who are flying at a remote area? Not at an AMA santioned RC airstrip? I have seen you tube videos of FPV pilots who fly over 3600 meters or say 11,000 feet. I think in other countries outside the usa. Some in the usa. The AMA asked me to cease flying with aircraft onboard camera system At Bennett Field Las Vegas Nevada USA. HERE IS THE LAST PAGE FROM FAA. THANK YOU
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