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  1. Mark I think I remember you saying that you're in Australia?? You might like to have a look at this site for 2.4Ghz antennas. They also have all the adapters as well.
  2. That's very interesting, thanks Kilrah. I'll make sure I check the prop is balanced.
  3. Nice video. How long have you been flying FPV for? Is all the jerkiness from your level of experience, or something else? Do you find it difficult to fly FPV? The more videos I see the more I want to try it for myself.
  4. -AT-Sergio00: I finally got to download your video and I must say the quality is amazing, excellent work. I have to say though, your country side looks as dry (read brown) as where I live hear in Australia. It does look like you have a great flying field though. Thanks again for the video.
  5. Someone just needs to hack the sonic combat modules from Hobbyzone.
  6. No problems 4mla1fn, glad it's of use to someone. I just hope the Easy Stars become available soon.
  7. Well I just spoke to the store that has my Easy Star order and he told me that the guy (Vrflyer) who did that FPV thing is to blame for the Australia (world) wide shortage of the Easy Star model. Apparently Multiplex had to manufacture another batch of these airplanes. So Denis, your famous for more than just your FPV flying.
  8. Hey Mark Try Robot Parts here in Australia. I got the 5 volt one for about $21. Cheers
  9. Another update; I have soldered Tx/camera together and have done a video test on my sons rc car. I had perfect video to a range of about 150 metres and that was with the receiver inside my house. Very happy with the video quality. I'm STILL waiting for some Easy Stars to arrive in Australia. Pictures of my breakout board that came with the BWAV kit. I soldered the Vreg onto the board.
  10. Have a look at this site WiFi Antennas It's an Australian site, but they have a lot of good info and products. -AT-Sergio00: Very nice aircraft! Do you have a video from the weekend? Would love to see some of Spain. The siren is an interesting addition, have you had to use it yet?
  11. Now that's exciting news.... I'm not enjoying trying to make my own.
  12. Thanks Terry. The Tx and camera are both from Black Widow AV and will both run at 5V. This is the specs for the voltage reg. It's from the same company who make the anyvolt mini. * The SW033/SW050 family is pin-compatible with the common 780X family of linear voltage regulators. * They have integrated decoupling capacitors, so external capacitors are not generally necessary. Performance: * Up to 30V input range * 83% typical efficiency, up to 87% * <2% ripple * 1A output (continuous) * 1.25A peak output (1 min) * 1.3V typical dropout voltage at full load * Can be put in p
  13. Thanks Wavess. Does this wiring diagram look right?
  14. I'm going to be powering mine with a 2s 800mah Lipo with a 5v fixed voltage regulator. http://www.rc-cam.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=1269
  15. Fantastic video, video editing and music editing, as always Denis. I'm glad you're enjoying the fruits of the 11 year journey. Thank you.
  16. Just a quick update to let you know that I now have my BWAV kit and a AIPTEK recorder. I will have my Futaba 9C Super by the weekend as well. The challenge I now face is to get the camera to run on 5V. I have a 5.0V fixed voltage switching regulator from dimension engineering and a 2s 800Mah Lipo to run the video tx and camera. The cable that comes with the camera comes with a voltage reg that needs to be removed and my 5V one added. My question is about the KX131 camera. There are three wires coming out of the camera, red/black/yellow, can anyone tell me which wire is which? I think
  17. I think the first thing you need to do is join a local RC flying club and learn to fly rc aircraft. This isn't the cheapest hobby to take up and you may not even enjoy the experience. There's alot of things you need to learn about, before you would even consider flying FPV, safety being one of the most important. I'm in the process of putting together a FPV aircraft and when I'm finished I think I will have spent about $2500 USD. I hope this helps.
  18. You're right. That's why I have ended up going with the KX131 from BW AV. Thanks for your input.
  19. Hi Rob I really like your ground station and was wondering what you use to power it? Is a 3s LiPo enough to power the 12v Rx from BW? Thanks
  20. -AT-Mr.RC-Cam: You could always move the videos to a restricted user area that only members who pay the yearly subscription fee of, I don't know, say $5, have access to. You could give the people who post videos access for free. The people who want to get more publicity, could just put their videos on one of the free video sites that doesn't have bandwidth restrictions. I for onw would be happy to pay for this kind of service. Anyway just an idea. I know I would hate to loose access to this site at anytime, but I am also patient.
  21. I think Vrflyer gave you all the info you need, as he is the author of the video.
  22. The main reason I ordered two was that I was hoping to get one sooner, as I ordered them from 2 different locations.
  23. Thanks for the advice Rob. I have read everything you've done and thanks to you and Vrflyer, I think I'll be able to come up with a great setup. I've actually ordered 2 Easystars, one will be for flying training as I still consider myself a beginner, and the other one I will take my time with to build the FPV.
  24. Hi All I thought I would create a thread here to blog my progress of my Easy Star FPV setup. I hope no one minds and I also hope this will inspire more Aussies to try this. My first step will be to setup my Easy Star to video its flights. That way I can iron out any bugs before I start flying FPV. I'm fairly new the RC flight, about 12 months, and I don't have alot of equipment, so I really starting from scratch and will have to buy everythng. As my ultimate goal is to use Kilrah's VR1000 gryoscopic head tracking system. This will be the last thing I buy, as it's the most expens
  25. Yeah, I think foam is a better option for your first FPV model. I know I'll need something durable. I don't know whether this is scale, but I think the Phoenix Model Rainbow EP might make a good FPV aircraft.
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