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  1. Mr.RC Cam, as you know I copied your RC CAM4 project and the results are good, the problem I have with the whole system is that I get break lines in my video regardless of the channel I am on. During my build I ordered two of the GP-KX121 camera cables (one for back up) after the project I did an inventory of all the parts I had left on my desk and I found that I had a spare cable and the old Tuna Can transmitter / Reciever set up from the orginal cam I bought off of E-Bay. The transmitter from that system is about the size of a dime and has a microphone as well. I started fiddleing with it and ended up connecting the GP-KX121 cable to the transmitter and adding a 4.8 volt JR connector to it. Just for giggles I checked output voltage at the cam cable connector and found 4.8 volts so I hooked the cable to the board camera. With the GPP patch ant. that I made to adapt to the Tuna Can reciever I cranked everything up and to my surprize I got a great picture! I got real curious and had my son take the camera in the next room and found that I had a clear sharp picture with no line breaks. I looked at the data sheet for the Tuna can camera and it operates between 900MHZ ~ 1200MHZ with 50mw ~ 200mw strength. My question is should I get better performance from the x10 hack than this tiny cheap system? I am going to conduct air trials with both rigs to determine the best performer. I will also get some pictures of the two systems up on the web so you can visually see what I am talking about. Best regards,
  2. Harbor freight has a fairly cheap one, inverter that is. http://www.harborfreight.com
  3. It must be the yahoo site that is not allowing the link. I have my own free site at anglefire so I uploaded the video to it this morning. The link is http://www.angelfire.com/tv2/ut_raptor/ This is the homepage, if you click on the Words "Windows Media Tuna Can Crash" you should get the video downloaded in windows media format .wmv BTW there are some pictures of a board camera on that site that I am trying to find a schematic for it came out of one of the first creative sound blaster web cams
  4. Sorry about the link in the last reply, this one will work. hopefully! http://us.f2.yahoofs.com/bc/3fbebffa_12181...f1qsv_AhfWgpxtQ
  5. Found out that the microphone hacked from the x10 system does in fact work! I was looking at some footage of the old system I had (tuna can) vs the GP-KX121 video quality, I am amazed at the difference in quality. Mr. RC-Cam, sorry I questioned it in the first place! I would like to thank you for putting this info up on the web, it has been a real big help to me. If anyone is interested I pieced together a crash clip I had of the old Tuna and the new vid from the GP-KX121 here it is http://us.f2.yahoofs.com/bc/3fbebffa_12181...fGSsv_AvnSLpxtQ
  6. Camera works wonderfull! don't have any sound though.... must have the wrong wires hooked up
  7. Well I decided that the Radio Shack project box (3x2x1) was too small for what I was trying to do wich is get all the components into the same box - the batt. I went back to RS and got the 4x2x1 project box and it had all the real estate I needed so I went to work. I got my DC-DC converter yesterday along with the 10uf cap. and started soldering! Mr. RC Cam made a point about the audio, I was going to omit it originally but then I looked at the hacked up x10 cam board sitting there on my desk and decided to try to integrate it into my project. Not being totally sure if the sparks would go the way I wanted them to ( I am ok with electronics not great but ok) I plugged the x10 cam board mic stuff into my plan. At this point all I am waiting for is the camera (GP-KX121) cable to get here from Digi key, should be later on today when it arrives I will finish the cam. I did take the advise and check my voltages both 4.8V to the camera and on the outbound side to the Tx I do have 12V so I think I won't smoke my cam Pictures of New box set up http://f2.pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/ut_raptor...tor+Cam&.view=t
  8. I am still working on my Raptor Cam but I have a few pictures of the progress so far if anyone is interested. http://f2.pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/ut_raptor...dir=/Raptor+Cam I am currently waiting on my DC-DC converter to arrive as well as the GP-KX121 cables. I was in Las Vegas over the weekend at one of my companies Aircraft Service Facilities, I got lucky and found a couple of feet of RG174 and RG 178 coax. It appears that we use this type of cable on our Gulfstreams!. FREEBIE!!! Only thing is I found that the RG174 is easier to work with than the RG 178. Also I have a question to the length of the final antenna, I looked at the link on the RC-CAM site and found that the 4 inch long seemed to be recommended? If not I have enough cable to make a couple more if I need but it sure would be nice to get a definate answer on the lenght.....
  9. Cool thanks for the info, I am making a better mount for my current cam. Also I just went to Rock2000 and looked at the current board camera's available the only model they sell now is the GP-KX121 with a pinhole lens but you can get a 51 degreee lens as an upgrade. I purchased that setup for $117.00 Has anyone got any idea about this board cam? http://rock2000.com/Company/CBC-Chugai/CMH...12_-_CMH212.htm Hi Res, I know it's not Panasonic but it may be worth a try? If your going, go in style fly a Gulfstream!
  10. I just ordered a combo set of three camera's a tilt and pan Ninja thing and a reciever that does both video and audio all for a whopping $209.00 When I get my stuff I imagine I will set about doing Mr. RC's #4 project but my big question is: Are the camera's that come in the x10 series all that bad? I understand the desire for the perfect video or at least as close as you can get but I am having trouble understanding why everyone is hacking the thing apart. I guess I will see when I get my kit..... BTW I have another problem that no one else seems to address and that is viiiiibbbraatiiion.. How do you get the vibs out of the heli so good that it doesn't show on your video? I have a TT Raptor 50 running carbon / kevlar blades. I don't do 3D yet but I did balance the blades and the rotor head together on a Hi Point. Any suggestions to the vibe issue?
  11. Just like to say Hi from Utah, I am in the middle of a Raptor Cam project and looking for good ideas!
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