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  1. Hi, No need for the battery. Just hold down 'menu' to enter the OSD menu. The powerconnector is center pin positive.
  2. Me too, PAL and NTSC boards. contact: rangevideo-AT-yahoo.com
  3. Yes, 900MHz and 1.3GHz receivers have RSSI pin. Best, Vova Reznik RangeVideo
  4. I will take a guess. Is it a device to fly from within the house?
  5. If I missed your call you can reach me by PM or email. Please note that the 500mW tx is out of stock- we will have it by the 29th of December. Regarding the payment troubles, we can accept credit card over the phone. Another note- you do not need a Paypal account to use the "PayPal shopping cart". Vova Reznik www.rangevideo.com
  6. Xtremelink has purchased a one watt 2.4ghz transmitter from me about a month ago. I also hope to hear their results soon
  7. Hi to everyone. Vova @ Rangevideo The FOV's for the 1/4" CCD KX131 are: f2.10mm(superwide) 116 degrees FOV diagonal. 78 degrees horizontal. f2.97mm(wide) 95 degrees FOV diagonal. 62 degrees horizontal. f3.60mm(stock) 73 degrees FOV diagonal. 53 degrees horizontal. Best, Vova Reznik
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