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RC-CAM.com (main site and forum) will be closing down August 2021. This is being announced now (March 2021) so that everyone has time to download any information that is important to them. After the site is shutdown the information will no longer be available here.

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  1. I'm working on a UAV project of 2 meters wingspan. I will need also for this project a Video Stabilized Gimbal. Here you can see pictures of the system and the camera, with 25x-35x zoom. http://www.azoreanuav.com/index.php?option...4&Itemid=12 I would like to make partners for this project. Anyone have knowledge to help me? My e-mail is: azoreanuav@ gmail.com Please contact-me if you know how to do it. Best regards Rui Costa
  2. Thanks for the replies. I'm aeronautic engineer. I know the laws for aircrafts and I will do all the test over an open camp, without people below. I will be in contact with Portugal aeronautic authorities. The final UAV will have a parachute to prevent damages in the ground.
  3. "So you will fly over peoples with an aircraft with a lot of equipements over long distance to take some photos." No, I don't will fly over peoples with an aircraft. It's a project for an controlled UAV for special missions. For police, military, scientific people or rescue corps. The photos don't was for sale. It's only for missions. It can be used for agriculture camps, roads projects, etc. I'm trying ro built an controllable UAV with a 2.5/3 miles maximum range.
  4. Yes, I know. But the autopilot will do the rest. And it'll be controllable via datalink modem for few adjusts.
  5. Yes, you are right. But last summer I tested a video system with 2.4GHz - 1000mW and I had some bad results when the aircraft turns and hided the antenna. But I think that the problems was in UAV carbon material and tx and rx antenna. With a 1000mW system, and a good patch antenna I will gain more range. Right? I will change the frequencies, because 1.3GHz require radio licence, fees and write requests. I will have to use 458MHz band for telemetry and 2.4GHz for vídeo. So, 500mW or 600mW would be enough for my project? I will need a good video signal about 3 miles. I'm thinking
  6. Hi, I will buy one FOX-2500 for a Twinstar II: Transmit Power:2500mW Frequency:1.2G / 1.3G Dimension(Tx):93*52*20mm weight:104g Channel(Tx): 8CH AV frequency in-phase Unobstructive Effective Range: 2~4 KM Package:12CH receiver, transmitter, 2antennas, 2AV cables, Power supply It's for flyght in Europe. So, I will use 1,2GHz band for video (2500mW), 2.4Ghz band for telemetry (50mW Xstream modem with tiny from paparazzi project) and 35MHz for RC control. I'm worried about the interference. What's your opinion? Have other solution for Portugal?
  7. Realy, I'm looking for a very small color CCD camera that runs on 5v. For my University UAV dome system. Can you tell me webshops that sell cameras like these?
  8. Where can I buy this Panasonic PAL CCD Camera? GP-CX161-53P or GP-KX121 or other similar cameras?
  9. Thanks for the information. In the end of the project I can report all the tests here.
  10. Hi. Nice project. I'm working in a Portuguese University Project of a video system for an UAV. It will have one fixed camera and another in a dome. And I need a OSD video for displaying information about the position of the dome camera like: 20º U 180º L U: Up D: Down L: Left R: Right It would be nice to have one bar, like yours, to identify de UAV principal axis, like: <------- Have to pan the camera to de left to centrate the camera ----|---- Camera in center position --------> Hae to pan the camera to the right to center the position Did you
  11. I'm interest in this system: 2.4ghz 1000mw Transmitter/Receiver Set Can you tell me the range in miles? Do you know any 2.4ghz Transmitter with more than 1W?
  12. Hi ppl, I'm new here... I'm working in UAV but i need to control the aircraft with Joystick. I's possible conect my futaba ff6 controler true trainer port to joystick? Can you give me the circuit to convert that info? please help me
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