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  1. I had my Shutterbug programmed for stand alone mode earlier, and now I like to use it with my RC system. I have programmed everything for this new use, but when in use the settings from stand alone program suddenly take total control of the servo. Is there a way to clear all settings, or do I have to reprogram over and over until things work as expected? The status led has not always worked as described in the instructions. Am I doing something terribly wrong?
  2. A bigger EZ has been on my wish list for many years. I put a 350 W outrunner on my plane, but the plane is still limited without ailerons (poor flight time, hard to control in heavy wind, too much wing load). Therefore I decided to do something about it myself. I’m building my own fuselage twice as big as original, and have ordered wings and tailplane from the Cularis. This will give me a Big EZ with three times the capacity of the original with ailerons, flaps and plenty of lift. A 1300 W Plettenberg running on 6 x 5000 mAh LiPo will provide power. Hopefully this creation will fly in la
  3. OK that explains a lot to me. I'll have to read more.......vant a quadro......now....... Have a nice weekend guys!
  4. I’ve been reading about quadrocopters day and night until my eyes became square. There is one question that came up last night. I was watching a video where someone flew inside a building from room to room. Looks like he had rudder on his vehicle. Are the motors tilted to make motions around the yaw axis, or do you use torque from the propellers? I couldn’t see any “tailrotor” like a normal helicopter.
  5. Hmmm….you guys convinced me. Seems like I have to start building asap. Right now I’m searching the web for the most OK set up. My only problem so far must be all the gadgets people have in their rotorcrafts (return to home, lights etc). want this sooooooooo bad
  6. Elossam: Thank you my friend. Very nice links there. I will read them asap. How do you guys set up your RC? Do you fly like a normal helicopter with cyclic and collective input? How about some kind of idle up? (maybe I’ll find some answers in the links you gave me)
  7. Thank you Mr.RC-CAM! That link was quite informing. Kilrah, I might have to take a closer look at your machine too. Now, the next question is, am I able to build something like this? I have to dig deeper into this to learn more about the quadros, so now you know what kind of websites I'll be looking for this weekend
  8. I would like to build something up to 2 meters in diameter and lift capacity of at least 4 kg. Will the vehicle become more stable if I increase diameter? Is it possible to use ordinary Jeti ESC for the motors? Also, how about voltage? Could I use a 12 cell 20 000 mAh LiPo with the original avionics? Lots of questions here, and I still have a thousand more to ask…..
  9. I've been searcing the web for bigger quadros. What would happen if someone built a macine with four or eight AXI 53XX?
  10. Funny this topic should appear just now. I used to work for CAA Norway earlier. My main tasks there were non-commercial aviation and UAV. One month ago I left the CAA and joined a engineering company, mainly involved in constructions for the Norwegian oil industry. The company is also involved in 3D displays, and I have my FPV equipment. So I suggested we join the FPV equipment and 3D capability. Everyone loved this, and the results will follow early next year. You can take a look here: http://www.3d-ip.com/assets/pdf/3D-IP_Whit...tePaper-GVZ.pdf http://www.3d-ip.com/html/index_ie.html
  11. I could also invite you to Northern Norway where you can fly in daylight both night and day in the summer (midnight sun). You could fly with eagles, killer whales or enjoy the landscape. The only drawback is the fact that we are only 3-4 people flying FPV in this country . . Just a thought……..
  12. Is it possible to fly FPV with Realflight G3? I've seen a mode where the camera will be placed behind the plane all the time, but I would like real FPV form a cockpit view.
  13. Hi Terry! As you can see from my first post I had full control. This is a copy from my first post: Standard vertical antennas: Full and half length: excellent Antenna collapsed: Some glitches but flyable TX antenna pointing at vertical RX antenna: Full length: excellent Half length: Some glitches but flyable Collapsed: not flyable When excellent is indicated I had full control. I'm going to repeat the test soon with electric motors running.
  14. Hi-tech? Not at all, but still entertaining and educating....yes! I have often wondered how far away I could fly my airplane, and I guess you’ve been wondering about this too. Well, yesterday I had to find out some more about it. With the kind assistance of a RC friend I took the trip across a local fjord to perform some tests on RC range. For those interested, here are the results: The RX was put into a plastic box. That means no electric motors running and no video TX present. No known RC activity in the area either. The only transmission was my RC equipment and mobile phones.
  15. I might have the same problem myself. One of my batteries grew really big one year ago. See picture of battery compared to a normal one. I still use this battery as powersource for my video RX and amplifier. Works well. Of course I have to charge it outdoors. I don't like indoor fireworks
  16. Yes Terry everyting have their own batteries. In the test I mentioned yesterday, the camera was removed from the plane, and conected to the capture card in another room. My guess is that the Terratec card is defect in some way I just have to hope for some help from the service department where i bought this device.
  17. The RX's were from BW, and of the same frequency series as the TX. I have just performed new tests. This time with a camera (KT&C 650) directly plugged into the capture card on my laptop. The noise is still there I'm close to give up the this ¤%&"# device.
  18. I've tried 3 different receivers without any improvement. If I connect my video RX to a monitor, there is no such noise in the picture. Therefore I think there must be something else
  19. Performed a new test with a DV camcorder as capture device. The problem was gone (old problem with dropouts came back - discussed earlier on this forum). Also tried another cable and connection to the capture card (Terratec Cinergy HT PCMCIA). There are connections for both composite and S-VHS plugs - no improvement. The problem seems to be the capture……somewhere. The wireless system on the laptop was shut down all the time. So now I'm wondering. Where the h… is the source to this problem.
  20. I've got this terrible static noise on my video. The gear is BW 500 mW with Kx 131 camera, 9db patch antenna, and capture on laptop. Can anyone help me find the source to the static? Here is a short cut from a mission earlier today: http://download.yousendit.com/110103CE15086188
  21. Excellent to know about that site. Thank you Wavess
  22. Thank you Mr.RC-CAM! I've already installed bullets, but started thinking that Deans would be neater (?) or easier in every day use. After this I think I'll stick to my initial plans. Thank you :-)
  23. Could this plug possibly handle 120 - 150 amp? I'm just wondering.......
  24. I put a 350 W Himax brushless motor on my EasyStar, and got the same nose up attitude as you. I use a APC E 9*7.5 and verical performance, with video gear, is unlimited. Climb is up to 12 metres/sec according to my Zlog.
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