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  1. This will be as off topic and weird as they come. So, everybody that has a cat has problems with them getting up on counters and there's lots of gadgets you can get to try to shoo them away like audio alarms and even propellent dispensers. I'm not NEARLY as proficient electronically as you guys. For exapmle, I was able to build myself a DIY solar system calculating load, voltage drop, conductors and so forth but ohms law is about as technical as I've got in the past. I've has this idea kicking around in the back of my head for quite some time but am unsure about some things. How big a capacotor in your guys estimation, would be adequate to act as land mines for cats getting on the counter? They are reletively cheap and all you would have to do, if they kept a charge for at least a little while, would be to charge them up and toss them on the countertop. You could place them where you don't want your cat to go and after awhile, you probaly wouldn't even have to charge them up. Then you could rtemove them altogether after that cat learns it's an unfriendly place. Hairbrain idea? Yes, but I think it would work and be lots cheaper than the $40 gadgets that aren't all that effective. Thanks
  2. That was gorgeous and interesting. Weren't you afraid of your stuff getting wet?
  3. > Your links to the two China vendors are what made me think you are on a tight budget. But even if money is not an issue, building your own 1.2 GHz patch antenna is not difficult. As I mentioned, this is a DiY forum so my advice tends to swing that way. That would make for two steep learning curves. I'm not scared. >Agreed! The devil is in the details. Besides Terry's listed items, it's also good to know the exact video system frequencies you expect to use, what model you are flying, and the R/C system frequency. This is what I'm trying to figure out now. I have several radio's including an old school futaba 72mhz but I'd like to have a uhf radio at some point. > And a bit more fatherly advice/comments. I've seen guys spend months on the forums and never get started because the advice is so varied. I've also seen guys ignore basic advice and give up after a few failed attempts. So do what you can to sort through the forum advice, then start small and build upon your successes. I'm not above fatherly advice. Bring it on! I am old enough to be a grandpa though. ...I'm not going to give up. All I need is a success to build upon. Thanks again guys
  4. I don't know how you got the impression I'm on a low budget, I'm not, but saving money is always a good thing, so I'm willing. I am however still flailing because I get conflicting information everywhere I ask. I intend to buy dominator goggles but was told that they only work on 5.8, which I believe is false. Now I'm told from different sources that I can't use 1000mw lawmates because it will drown out my navigation signals. I was also told that lawmates are premium equipment and twice as expensive than other stuff which is why I'm confused about the low budget thing. In any case, it's hard to tell what to believe so I bought a book and a black sheep 5.8rx for the doms. At this rate, by the time I can FPV, I might have enough stuff to build several of them. ...also, I love DIY and am already building aircraft suitable for FPV, a Super Sky Surfer for example. I feel like thanking you for every reply but I don't want to wear out the thankyou button, so ...Thanks!
  5. I hope so too. I'm building an rc fpv lawnmower so I can cut the grass from inside my house, for the most part.
  6. Will THIS one work well?, ....also do I need some kind of filter ...2.4/1.2=2 exactly. ( ...working on my HAM but haven't learned everything yet. ) Thanks so much for the info.
  7. Hello everybody. I'm new to fpv and am in the process of buying componenets. I already bought a camera and a set of lawmate 1.2 tx\rx. I live in a valley in the mountains on theoutskirts of town and am surrounded by mostly trees. I haven't bought googles I wear glasses and am farsighted. My questions would be: What kind of goggle would suit me best? I was leaning towards the dominators. What kind of antenna's should I be looking for? I want 5-6db gain. Plus I want OSD for distance, heading, altitude, voltage, airspeed, etc. Thanks
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