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  1. Ya that was a little uncalled for but try to look at it from VR's perspective. Moving on, I've spent my time looking for a platform and was about to go electric with the TwinStar II but I've found a sweet speed plane I'm going to put a camera system on. It’s pretty much the bobcat but better. Check out this forum for it. http://www.rcuniverse.com/forum/m_4588489/...e_7/key_/tm.htm All the equipment will be a tight squeeze but it will be worth it once I mount my model rockets to shoot off it like my sig fazer now. hehe can anyone say dogfight!
  2. I want to thank you guys for being so helpful. I've got almost everything together now but still a few questions left. As for brushless motors, I'd like to get a good quality one that I won't have any problems with and get nice efficiency out of, any suggestions? Also, servos for camera. Would mini servos be enough to move a nose mounted camera on 2 axles? And finally, I need to get a high quality Rx on the plane for long distance flight. Any recommendations?
  3. Thank you, I planned on adding supports to the wings even though I'm only planning on adding a video system to this plane. I want to do flights with it that are atleast 30 min long and a mile away so I'm going to have to figure something out. I was thinking a 600mW Tx for the plane and maybe a diversity Rx one day... Terry, what are the right servos that a are need for this plane?
  4. Can the TwinStar II handle all the weight of a movable camera with all the batteries?
  5. Thank you for the heads-up. Do you have any videos with the TwinStar II?
  6. I'm about to order the Multiplex TwinStar II and am looking for the correct servos and motors/speed controllers I'll need. I'm going to use this instead of the EasyStar, I'll let you know how it works out when I get everything together. I found http://www.hobbypeople.net/gallery/240071.asp to be the cheapest and they have a $25 off if you spend $200 or more so I was wondering if anyone could tell me if any of there Brushless Hacker motors would work GOOD, not well but good http://www.hobbypeople.net/prdcls/motord01.asp. Also, which of these Mini servos would work, if any, http://www.hobbypeople.net/prdcls/servb01.asp. I've been flying gas planes for ~10yrs now and see you guys have a pretty sweet thing going with the electric video and I've always wanted to give that a try. I'd greatly appreciate any help ya'll can offer?
  7. I've been flying R/C planes for about 10yrs now and have always wanted to put a video camera on my plane but now that I've found this site things have become affordable and light enough that I can. ty RC-CAM Forums! I'm looking for a gas powered platform to use, preferably push prop, so if anyone's found one of those plz post a link to one. Also, contrary to what other prefer I want to get enough range I can fly above the clouds. I was looking at using http://www.microcameras.com/video_transmit...transmitter.htm Tx and http://www.microcameras.com/accessories/di...ty_receiver.htm for the Rx. Does anyone here know what kind of ranges with clear video you can get with that setup??? A ballpark figure would even help. Finally, the Tx and Rx for the plane itself. If I plan on going that far with the video I need well over that for the plane itself. Any suggestions on how I can boost the plane's (actual controllable flight) range? Pic of what I might end up using for my platform.
  8. I've been flying remote control planes for ~10 years and have always wanted to put a video camera on my plane. Now I've discovered this site, which is awsome, but I'm trying to put together a configuration like nerys question. I want to have range and time in the sky. I'd like to know how much range this equipment would give me. http://www.microcameras.com/accessories/di...ty_receiver.htm http://www.microcameras.com/video_transmit...transmitter.htm And I'm sure I'd need to upgrade my Rx in my plane so what would ya'll recommend? Finally, I'm looking to get this camera http://www.blackwidowav.com/kpc650.html anyone know anything about this one? Still looking for a platform, possibly Nitro 60 size.
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