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    Trigger a regular camera
  2. dmb


    Is that copy any good? I am debating over getting an electric heli or a wingo style plane, what would you recomend and what are the pros and cons of each? How could I hook up another servo to the plane if all 3 channels are all ready in use? Thanks so much
  3. dmb


    I would like a inexpensive plane that allows a new servo to be attached to a channel so I can attach it to a camera. Would this kind be any good Plane Thanks
  4. How would you scale it to other frequencies?
  5. dmb


    1st question- Are the 2 moter electric planes from china that are on Ebay any good? 2nd question- How would I hook up a new servo to a plane to opperate a camera, if the plane already has 2 things using its two channels? 3rd question- Do electric Helicopters work for outdoor photos or video? Thanks so much
  6. What is a Ground Plane Antenna? Does it work for the transmiter or reciever (http://www.yb2normal.com/antenna3.html)? Do you have to adapt them for the frequency that you are using or are they "universal"? If you need to adapt it what is the formula? Thanks
  7. Could someone please explane how to hook up a servo to press the shutter button on the camera. Please explane it all. Thanks so much.
  8. Can I run a wire from my base reciever to the GP patch so my reciever can be inside while my GP patch Antenna is outside, or does the reciever have to be directly connected at the GP patch? If I can do this what kind of wire can I use? Thanks
  9. What is a Ground Plane Antenna? Does it work for the transmiter or reciever (http://www.yb2normal.com/antenna3.html)? Thanks
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