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  1. lools like i can talk my self into a nikon 3700 it records untill the capacity of the card. the aptek needs rave reviews to convince me I have purchased a 4 megpix cheep-o all i got was 4 megapixel of out of focus craaap! can anyone sing prases about the aptek? Thanks for all ya youalls input! electron
  2. I really really wish someone would go into production I could think of at least 10 customers this second who would pay a fair price for this feature!! any one know who might be able to be persuaded to sell some of these??
  3. amazing no one has any opinions the nikon 3700 has the best video resolution 64x480 30fps 3.2 meg pix with video out ! for the tx ccmon guys anybody know of another ???? thanks for all the input i feel like i am being cold sholdered or something.
  4. i am looking for a high megapixel digital camera with video out for the transmitter to view find my shots. i wish it not to have the lens project out when it is turned on. any ideas??????? SkycCam Electron
  5. some one know if the added surface area of a bi-plane is truely supportive of the extra wing loading i want to support payload and i want light wing loading is a bi plane the logical answer? thanks sky cam electron
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