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  1. I do get the best results from the Yb2normal groundplane antenna (with the four stakes as ground) with my fels tx....... Delcam
  2. Have a look at www.delemarre.ciscon.nl and you will find a suitable audio amplifier for these TX's greetings Delcam
  3. If you look at http://www.delemarre.ciscon.nl you will find a example to make these modules work. Remember that you do need an radio amateur license to operate these modules of more than 10 mW. Delcam, the Netherlands
  4. Hi, I am also very curious about the discone antenna. Can you give more info on that? Some pictures? Hans Delemarre
  5. Is it possible to make a antenna splitter to couple two RX antennas to get a better coverage of the area where is flown using two GPP antennas. I found an interesting site, http://www.vhfman.freeuk.com/radio/antenna...s.html#Splitter where this was demonstrated for lower frequency antennas. Would it be possible to use the same principle for the 2.4 Ghz frequencies? Hans Delemarre
  6. See the site of servo city and your problem can be ove in a short time....www.servocity.com Hans Delemarre, The Netherlands
  7. Have a look at the site of VRflyer. I did and it got me started... http://pages.videotron.com/vrflyer/angindex.html Hans Delemarre, the Netherlands
  8. Dennis, good to see all back on the net again. Hans delemarre
  9. The reciever for these modulles is also offered for a ridiculously low price by the same vendor when compared to the HongKong offering... Hans Delemarre
  10. Dennis, That would be nice! I found your site the most informative when I first started with this part of the hobby. I refer to it on my site so it would be nice if you would be able to get it up and running again. Hans Delemarre, the Netherlands
  11. Dennis, Very good to see you back!! Do you still have your very informative website on the web? Hans Delemarre, the Netherlands
  12. Definite Insanity, Try http://www.delemarre.ciscon.nl/id118.htm On my PC this gives the page where I start with the actual description of the PCB I made to facilitate the use of these modules. Hans Delemarre, the Netherlands
  13. In my case the service was perfect. I asked first for more info on the modules and got the answer to my question within 24 hours. Then I asked for availability and it proved that the 500mW modules were on back order. Within a week I got an e-mail telling that they had arrived. I then proceeded to order two modules and the angled SMA connectors. Five days later I had everything delivered by the mailman. I made one module into a working 500 mW tx (see my website) and it functions beautifully. I also got the new camera from Bill Strong (blackwidowAV) and this is also an improvement over my previous set-up. I allready had the receiver (actualy two) so I didn't need another. When buying from Fels you allways have to buy (andpay) for a complete set...... Hans Delemarre
  14. The wireless cam almost certainly has a five volt regulator build into the connector. (see if there is any warning not to remove this connector from the cam and replace it with another...) Then replacing the 8 volts with a 8.4 volts supply doesn't matter to much. What the current concerns: this is only determined by the actual demand of the cam while in use. It will only be sligthly higher on 8.4 volts compared to working on 8 volts. But do remember that a freshly charged battery will have a higher output voltage than the stated 8.4. It can go as high as 1.6 volts per cell in the pack for a short period of time! In my experience most of these cams are rated for a voltage of up to 9,6 volts. SO read the manual carefuly and see if you can find any comment on this. DO you know the make of your cam? I have a similar one and maybe we could compare our findings. IF the slight voltage difference is still causing you to worry, then place a 1n5001 diode in series with the plus line and this will drop the voltage by 0,6-0,7 volts..... (b.t.w. how did you get the type of letteringon the pictures? I am looking for this type of font to make lanyards with "aircraft text" on them) Hans Delemarre, www.delemarre.ciscon.nl the Netherlands
  15. ....in fact the address from the UK is not new here on this forum. It has been on the links page for a long time. I got it from there about 9 month's ago and ordered the modules from the UK together with the SMA connectors for rhe antenna. The connector for the TX and RX module to get your wiring in order is from Harwin. Hans Delemarre.
  16. Guys, I can tell you from personal experience that these modules are in fact the same as the Felsweb modules. Only difference being the price..... Have a look at my website at www.delemarre.ciscon.nl and go to the videodownlinking part to find all you need to get these modules in working order even with a sound amplifier. PCB layouts are included. The viewing software (also needed to print the PCB's) is also supplied. greetings from the Netherlands, Hans Delemarre, PH7JDE
  17. Go to http://www.welwyn.demon.co.uk/index.htm abd then under info to the PIC demo part. There you will find an example of a program that reads the servo pulse from the RX. Hans Delemarre, the Netherlands
  18. as far as I can read chinese...he uses the gate of the fet as the sensor?? Hans Delemarre
  19. Terry, better late than never..... I only saw your posting today! Perfect idea to "publish" the articles in this way. Thanks. Hans Delemarre
  20. Hi, Can anybody tell me what the trimmer on the Fels TX modules is supposed to do? Has it anything to do with the video modulation? Delcam, The Netherlands
  21. Mr RC-Cam, If and when there is a PAL version, count me in! Hans Delemarre, the Netherlands
  22. In 1973, in the february issue of "Flying models" and in august of that same year in American Aircraft Modeler, two articles concerning the electrostatic autopilot were published. I do have rather old and whethered photocopies of these! If you want a PDF from them send me a mail through a PM on this forum and I will mail you back through your private e-mail address. The PDF file is huge but I cannot make it any smaller because quality will suffer so that it won't be readable...21 meg...... Hans Delemarre, the Netherlands
  23. You can try http://www.malverntech.co.uk/home.html and go for the KX-121 which is the successor of the 161. I got my first 161 from Dieter wenger in Germany at http://www.1a-wengercon.de/ Blackwidowav has the camera on offer for a very reasonable price however..... Hans Delemarre, the Netherlands
  24. Seems to silly to ask but my CX161 had the same: is the voltage at which the camera operates stable enough and exactly 5 volts? Slightly less and the picture darkens out on mine..... Delcam, the Netherlands
  25. Delcam

    Got my license!

    Mr RC-Cam, Thomas, It took me a week of concentrated studying in the evening to get a grip on the electronics part and I made an audio cassette to play in the car driving to and from my work to learn the legal stuf and regulations as required. I got the 400 page book from the Dutch Radio Amateur League and read it completely without studying the details first some weeks ago and the week before the exam was the week mentioned above. The exam was 50 multiple choice questions. 6 on regulations and law, the remainder on technical matters. I had one fault. It wasn't hard to do but I like to hobby on electronics so I knew a thing or two before..(no fancy stuff however) Most importantly: YES IT DOES HELP TO UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU ARE DOING WHILE WORKING WITH THE AIRBORNE VIDEO. Especially that most important info on antennae (it is a latin word after all) became a lot clearer to me. I can highley recommend your standpoint in this matter: the fun is even bigger with a license! To give some additional info: technical stuff is NOT my line of work. I am a colo-rectal surgeon by profession and work in an university hospital. I am 55 years old so school has been a long time ago....learning doesn't come as easy as it used to. Greetings, Delcam PH7JDE
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