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  1. The mikroElektronika boards seem very useful for me also so far but after 30 years of embedded controller programming I shouldn't need such a board anymore, when the original hardware (DragonOSD) is available already . //Erwin
  2. Daniel, I know of course that the 6kB output possibilities of the demo is too low, was only curious of the IDE . In your case you're right of course not to buy a demo board but I hope you're able in the future to earn a little bit from the DragonOSD . Why not ? //Erwin
  3. Thanks Daniel ! Edit: just installed the demo of the mikroElektronika compiler and took a short look, must say an impressive IDE. Was surprised that mikroElektronika is here in Europe in Belgrad . Btw. have/had you also a DevBoard in use from mE ? //Erwin
  4. That's a good idea Daniel ! By the way, which C-compiler is necessary exactly for your source ? //Erwin
  5. No, unfortunately not, I tried to find it. But I think there should be no protocol, only standard I2C communication. There is a datasheet for the I2C ADC, the real name of the device is LTC2481 from Linear Technology. But as Daniel mentioned above I think also it would be cheaper to make your own board. By the way, I just ordered this tiny pressure sensor for only $9.90 for trying: http://www.futurlec.com/HP03D.shtml is also a I2C device. Cheers, //Erwin
  6. I've the mentioned Eagle Tree expansions in use (height, airspeed, servo current, memory expansion, etc.) and they are daisy chained via I2C not SPI (too many /CEs ), each of the sensors have a tiny I2C ADC onboard but not the memory expansion of course (see attached pic). //Erwin
  7. A lot is going on there in the meantime ... //Erwin
  8. Hi guys, here an interesting chip if anybody wants to build a voltage/current sensor with I2C interface http://focus.ti.com/docs/prod/folders/prin...et+PR+ina209-pr Cheers, //Erwin
  9. Very nice plane Terry, I like it also ! /Erwin
  10. Hi together, gave Oracle the first try at weekend and was an absolutely success at all ! Have in the moment only two self-made antennas connected (two 8 dBi patches are on the way from BWAV) but videolink was really impressive improved after attaching the Oracle controller. Attached a pic before wiring was finished. Congrats to the excellent work Mr. RC-Cam ! Cheers, Erwin
  11. Hi friends of FPV flying, here a relaxing little video from my FPV-Cularis. There are some dropouts due to antenna problems (new ground station with Oracle still needs some wiring) and the sun stands also very deep so the KX-131 had some problems: Higher resolution on megaupload: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=NC25P0VZ Lower resolution on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GPPGGHbIh_Y Here some photos of the plane plus equipment: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showpost.ph...5&postcount=266 I hope it's not a problem to point to the neighbor universe ... Greet
  12. Hi Dan, really impressive work so far and I also like the layout and the font of the OSD very much ! Only the white flashing characters, a bit too bright in my opinion. Good luck for the further progress ... Like also the great idea to merge your OSD and MX's WPS2 ! Erwin
  13. Hi, the Eagle Tree Logger (I've one in use) has no sensors for the plane level as the FMA Co-Pilot, only for current, voltage, rpm, height and so on. And it's not able to control anything in the plane, it stores only data on board and/or send it to the ground station. Greets, Erwin
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