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  1. Hi Terry, No I don't have any patch antenna. The strange thing is that it works until someone else turns on its radio (... or this is what I think but it is maybe not related...).I'll make some more tests then although I don't really know what to try !
  2. Hi, Just one question : Does some 2.4ghz radio can interfere with 5.8ghz video ? When I'm flying alone at my club, everything's OK, image is good, range too. When other pilots are flying at the same time as me, I got whites lines on the screen and image looks bad even at < 100 meter range. They have branded radio like Spektrum and Futaba so the RF range is well defined and should not interfere with 5.8ghz video right ? I myself am flying with a Futaba and a Spektrum and I hadn't these whites lines... Any reason to explain this ?
  3. Hello, I have one more question. Can the Airwave 5.8GHz A/V Receiver with Patch Antenna receiver be powered using a 3S LiPo? Thank you Cyb
  4. Thank you RC-CAM, I understand it. I have a couple of 7805 Vreg, I guess they can also be use to get the 5V for the cam ? Otherwise I also have some ESC that I don't use anymore, I guess it'll be the best choice. Regards,
  5. I am currently flying with a 2.4ghz TX from Aeropix on which there's a 5V output (out of a 7805 I think). You mean that I can take another Motor controler to get the 5v for the camera ?
  6. The problem is I already have a KX131 5V camera. How does Terry power it ?
  7. OK thank you. So it's better to go with the receiver with patch antenna. One more question : I see in the TX datasheet that there's a +5v output on the board, can it be used to power a camera ?
  8. Hi, I am interested in this package! Would it be possible to provide an antenna for the simple Rx with SMA ? Do you know if this receiver can easily fit on the headband of the fatshark goggle ? Cyb
  9. Hey une fois, merci bien pour ton lien... I built your little circuit, and I get the LED flashing when it receives a ppm signal from my Futaba radio. Now I'm wondering one thing : Can I feed the PIC output (5v) directly to the trainer port of my Spektrum radio ? I cannot find any specification about trainer port input voltage... Loïc
  10. Thank you. But is there any DIY way of doing it ? I'm still in the process of learning PIC programming and I though it would be a great small project
  11. Hi everybody, I am trying to use my Futaba FX18 as a trainer, with a Spektrum Dx7 as master. It works but channel assignment from one brand to another is not the same. Is it possible to reorder correctly the PPM signal ? I have a couple of PIC (12C508). Would it be easily done ? Or maybe one of you already done it ? Can you give me some hints about doing ? Thank you, Loïc
  12. Hi, I've started using Eagle to make the schematic and the board. My aim is to make a little PCB for this altimeter and thus, learn the process of board making. My problem is I don't know if the PCB eagle generate is correct. Can you have a little look at it and eventually tell me the mistakes I made ? I also think I messed up something with vdd/vss/vdd/gnd in the schematic. In eagle, do you use the auto route feature? If I use it, can I be sure that the board connections match the schematics connection ? I attached the board and the schematic file. altimeter.rar
  13. Hi, I've rebuild the circuit, changing some resistors value and I still have a drift but less than the previous version. Anyway I think this will be ok for now. This project was fun at beginning but now I want to move to something else
  14. With op amp removed , I also get the drift curve. I made another test , I connected a battery to the op amp input , instead of the MPX pressure sensor. I also get a drif. So resistors and mpx may not cause the problem . I can be either the 7805 or the ADC.
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