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  1. Hi Haku, Could you tell me what is the reference of the glasses you got with 2 VGA and composite video? Personaly, I just got a stereo glasses GVD-510 3D and we made the first flight with these glasses lastSaturday ( but in 2D) It was very good flight for the first experience ! I'm using the 3D capabilty for the game ( and for my sun) after 15 minutes I was really in the game ! but sick !
  2. Hi Eladio, By your request I will change the channel for you and I will add the software on my web site. I will put the different version so the people can use what they need ( for you I will call it HMT58 for channel 5 and 8) But be aware that the local output on the module will be still channel 6 and 7 ( in fact this is just for test ) FYI, I still not have tested in flight my module because I still waiting for the LCD glasses ( since October......) Regards Serge
  3. Jochen, The video I made was just after the camera start to move ( I mean first time I saw the camera movment) Now I have improve the software and it is much more reliable ( I had filter arround the zero position). I will do another video when I will have some "free" time". What do you mean by "shetch" you mean sheet ? ( I just add the drawing sheet to the web page. The cost to do it will be less than 100 euros ( the IDG 300 is about 72 euros, and you may get sample for the PIC). As soon as the wheater will be better I will do a flight with this module ( but I'm still waiting my LCD glasses o
  4. I have released the software on my web page and the drawing. This is for a beta test purpose only. Vrflyer FYI, the IDG 300 break out module ( with 2 gyros) is at 72 euros. Serge
  5. I'm sorry I made a typo: it is the IDG 300, not IDX 300! the datasheet is here: http://www.invensense.com/shared/pdf/IDG30...0_Datasheet.pdf I just put online the web page about my project but it is not finish. I need to put the drawing and sorry it is in french : http://serge.laforest.free.fr/HMT/HMT.htm You will see some picture and a short movie. This evening I deleted the prototype to get back some components and I made a new prototype with more reliablity ( too much small wire on the first proto ! I will post also some picture of the new one The software will be ready soon, but I ha
  6. Hi just an update for my project to make a tilt / pan camera. today the system works ( with gyro IDX300 break out module and one PIC 18LF252). Also I can use it with servos directly connected to the module ( for tests purpose) and of course works also connected to the transmitter. The module change the channel 6 and 7 of the transmitter to have the tilt/pan mouvement. I will post the drawing on my web page as soon as I can and let you know for the people who want to make it. serge
  7. At the moment I didn't cheked the reliability of the compass because , till I'm not able to get the euler angles from the gyro and accelerator, the compass cannot be compased. But what I saw in the past was interference between the brushlessmotor and the compass. So far I haven't seen interference between the compas and the transmitter. Serge
  8. Glidermann, It is the reseller where I bought the last one !!! When you call them now they said they cannot have it anymore, they just haven't updated their web site but thanks for the info. Today we made a flight with 3 waypoints succesfully. ( but I have destroy a glider if some of you use google earth, you may want to see the trace of the Easyglider on: http://serge.laforest.free.fr/videos/trace_au_sol.kml ( you have to save this file on your hard disk and open it into google earth) serge
  9. vrflyer, if your seagul recorder has an RS232 bus and if on this serial bus you have the datas you want to display on OSD, it should be easy to do a OSD fot that. you just need a PIC ( for example) connected to the STV5730 and to this serial bus. The main problem will be to find a STV5730(A).
  10. Thanks for your comments But I 'm like you : slow slow ... for the same reason as you money, money ! ( but also because I travel a lot for my job). Tomorrow we should make the first immersion fly ( remote controled) with 4 waypoints. The pilot doesn't know where are these waypoint. When he will arrive to the first waypoint ( 40m) the autopilot will tell the pilot the next one and so on. The arrows you can see on the top of the video are the turn the pilote should made to arrive on the newt waypoint. ( 1 arrow by 30 degre) I f the weather will be OK I will post the video on the same direc
  11. I made the OSD based on the STV5730 ( obsolete, I bought the last one in France but I know that some people found it in Russia or china). This OSD is directly connected to my "autopilot" board. a PIC on this board send the commands to the STV5730 ( the PIC has all the low level function in my board for security reason). The upper processeur is a gumstix ( see the picture on my web page, section drone). This autopilot board has Gumstix inside for high level stuf like navigation and stabilization ( the discussions between the PIC and the gumstix are on I2C bus). All the low level function are in
  12. Hi, I'm new here and I decided to do a system like this. I have already bought two gyro ( IDX300 breakou board) and I have started the board for the PIC. I'm just waiting the PIC to test the software (I already started the software too). Today I bought 3D glasses , so I should have everything at the same time. if this project works I will put the drawing into my web site to share this. ( the final project is to do a UAV). We have alreay made some testswith the UAV but a friend of mine, ask more capability on it ! if you read french you can see the blog for that project : http://serge.lafo
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