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  1. you will not regret buying an headset when you do.what i meant by my message was there is no right way to get video down link its up to you and your budget.
  2. there is a lot to be said for getting the model flying with some sort of video link working no matter how you do it ,then sit back and look at improvements .As apposed to looking for perfection and expecting top quality results at the first flight .cus you know what that ain,t going to happen
  3. the joys of being a radio ham i can work almost any frequeny i like
  4. i guess i would be interesting if anyone who has NOT got a problem with interference if they could say what frequency they are working on
  5. could it be that 72 mhz band is better than 35mhz for rejection of the video tx ,i use 72mhz in the uk ,i find this better for rejection of some unwanted signals.
  6. i was unable to fine help on this forum on how to connect a gyro through a ff8 futaba tx to control the pan and tilt on the onboard camera.Any help as to best type of gyro to fit on the i-glasses would be very much welcome ..PLEASE ,PLEASE ,ALL keep the airborn videos comeing they are fantastic .
  7. i was hopeing to buy a 5 volt camera from here in the uk can anyone help ,also has anyone taken the I glasses 3D pro headset apart
  8. Does anyone know if it would be an advantage if the 2.4 ghz ground receiver patch antenna automatically tracked the aircraft
  9. Has anyone considered the Rimax 4.0 glasses http://www.paramountzone.com/virtualvisionglasses4.htm these may be my next purchase
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