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  1. I think I posted my last post on the wrong place so Ill post it again. What do you guys think of this goggles? http://www.vrealities.com/vrealviewer.html# Im looking for one of these to complete my current setup. thanks a lot. Carlos
  2. Could anyone make any comments on this goggles? would they be good for a start? I already have my TX, RX, camera setup, Im just looking for some goggles right now. these offer 640x480 resolution which have been recommended as a minimum from some topics I've read. http://www.vrealities.com/vrealviewer.html# Thanks a lot.. Carlos
  3. Hi, Im making some research for my first project. Ive been looking at the brown bag kits from blackwidowav.com. Im interested in the 600mw one, but I was wondering how can I supply power to the TX, where can I get that battery? will it connect directly to the tx? thanks a lot!!
  4. Thanks for your replies! Future hobbies has also the 600wm system. So between both 600wm systems, which one which you choose. The future hobbies system has: 420 TVL Sony CCD camera Custon articulated camera mount 8 channel A/V receiver 4 channel 600mw A/V transmitter 550mAh Li-Poly battery Wire harness with gold pin Molex connectors Omni-directional transmitter and receiver antennas RCA cables Battery charging cable this for about $300. would this be a good system to start with? what about the goggles? thanks a lot!
  5. Im sorry, I forgot to make another question.... do you know what range in distance could any of those setups cover? thanks
  6. hecko everyone! Ive been doing some research abouth RC-CAM projects. im a RC enthisuast since about 5 years ago. I would really like to be part of this RC-CAM world, I have some planes I would like to try with this. However, I wanted to post some messages to get some feedback and advice on a new setup. ive been looking at the following: K131 Camera 2.4ghz 600mw Transmitter/Receiver Set from Black Widowav i-theater glasses.... or I also found the futurehobbies.com website which offered: Elite - 1000mw Aerial Video System do you think any of this would be a good setup? how ab
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