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  1. Has anyone put any thought into doing an FPV aircraft with dual cameras/transmitters for a steroscopic platform? I've seen some video goggles that accept different inputs for the left/right eye and it would seem that it'd be pretty easy to set up. Perhaps mount one camera on each wing for a greater baseline/parallax? Maybe mount both cameras to a fixed arm that is on a pan/tilt mount to retain gyro control? Any thoughts on this?
  2. From my experience, you might see a little bit of improvement, but if you're looking for a performance increase, I'd look at other losses in your system. Oftentimes adding a good ground plane to your antenna and using low loss connectors (even better is directly soldering the coax to the antenna/xmitter/reciever...elimitating the connectors entierly) can boost your signal strength substantially.
  3. Greetings to all here on the forum. I must say I really like the projects that are being done here. I was looking at the 600mW brown bag kit from Black Widow and I had a question about it. It looks like the transmitter antenna is a standard whip antenna (or possibly a helical, I don't know offhand what the internal structure of the antenna is), but it appears to transmit with a horizontal/vertical polarization (depending on which way it's oriented). What I'm wondering is how much more effective the 8dB circularly polarized patch antenna is going to be compared to a standard whip on the reciever. From my undersanding, a polarization mismatch results in about a 3dB loss in signal. So am I correct in assuming that you really get an effective 5dB of gain out of the antenna (compared to 3 db for a standard whip antenna)? It would seem to me that this loss would me mitigated if I got the 14dB linearly polarized antenna instead, since there is no polarization mismatch, there will be no loss (due to polarization). Am I totally wrong (chances are high that I am :-P )?
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