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  1. Hi all, I am looking for the simple DIY circuit to use my video transmitter audio channel as GPS data channel for GCS and I used these circuits from http://ieee.uow.edu.au/~daniel/projects/radio_link/. I just added IN4148 diode, 220 resister and 5.6V diode in to TX input and assembled full RX circuit, but I didn’t get good result. Please look at these circuits and give me advice to get GPS data trough video TX audio channel. ( I check the http://dzl.dk/projects/electronics/modem/modem.html, but I haven’t any experience to program ATTINY chips) Regards Samanpriya
  2. Thanks for reply, Now MX has stock and I will make an order ASAP. Samanpriya
  3. Hi, Do U have any otehr WPS board( Used or fresh), pl let me know with price and shipping cost Sri Lanka. But we dont have to pay using Paypal, but I can send mony order f U
  4. Thanks your reply Mr. RC-CAM, That shipping cost is little bit high, but my company has small branch in the Minnesota, and usually we have shipment every Friday to Sri Lanka. So, how much would be the shipping cost to Minneapolis - Minnesota, and give me instruction how should I place an order for EM 411 unite. (Using VISA card) Regards Samanpriya
  5. Mr. RC-CAM, Sorry, I couldnt tell you I want to have EM411 module Samanpriya
  6. Hello Mr RC-CAM, I am from Sri Lanka and I am interested about this GPS module, it is a very attractive price. How is the warranty for this module? I want to pay using my VISA card and also I would like to now what is your shipping method to Sri Lanka and cost? Regards Samanpriya
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