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  1. I too have purchased a PLM-S700. I noticed that using the composite input (the yellow connector) to the glasses, the entire 800x600 pixel area of the glasses are not used. There is blank space above above, below, left and right. Do you experience the same issue? Are you aware of any setting the glasses might have to use the entire resolution of the glasses for a NTSC input?
  2. These guys seem to have quite a selection and seem up to date: http://www.vrealities.com/
  3. I purchased a VR5.4 Voltage Regulator from Radical RC. The transmitter wants to run at 5.5 volts, and the camera seems to want something around 5 volts. I'll see how well it works!
  4. I just purchased the 600mw brown bag, and powered it with the BEC from an old motor controller: a Pixie 20P. Take a look at: http://www.ericandsylvia.com/pictures/2006/rcav/
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