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  1. CrashingDutchman

    Sound Card Oscope

    Glad to hear all is ok then The product you linked to needs a PC or an extra screen. That is why I like the jyetech product so much, it comes with an LCD.
  2. CrashingDutchman

    Sound Card Oscope

    Thanks for the warning Ron! I have sent an email to the owner of that site so they can do something about it. I am sorry that you got these troubles because of me! CD
  3. CrashingDutchman

    Sound Card Oscope

    I ran into this: http://www.jyetech.com/en/default.html I think I am going to try that one. They told me by email that they are working on making it possible to show data on your PC through serial connection.
  4. CrashingDutchman

    Programming adapter for ATMega8 SMD chips

    This is an adapter for programming not yet mounted and mounted (soldered) Atmega8's. I have developed this for the Arduino environment... it is testing now... When used with the Arduino environment, it can be programmed through USB (Atmega needs to have a pre-programmed bootloader) or you can burn hex files through ICSP.
  5. Anyone looking for a cheap ETek EB-85A with latest firmware should take a look here: http://www.ohararp.com/products.html Ryan is selling them for US$ 55.00 a piece, a real bargain compared to what others (Sparkfun: US$ 99.95) are asking for these. Firmware version is: 1.85 0008, that should be the latest firmware. Payments on their website can only be done by credit card. They accept PayPal payments at ohararp-AT-ohararp.com. I am not related to this company, but I know the owner for some time now! Btw, they also do have a laser cutter... CD
  6. CrashingDutchman

    Programming adapter for ATMega8 SMD chips

    This is what I made for Atmega 28 DIP to 32 MLF:
  7. CrashingDutchman

    My little NAV/OSD project - under construction

    Thanks for the friendly answer Sander. Well, I only found the TD-4202 here: http://www.lawmate.com.tw/english/products...asp?pid=TD-2402 But it has only an advertised range of 200M, so if someone gets 10KM out of it with only 2 simple whip antenna's I think it is ok to ask which one he has.
  8. CrashingDutchman

    My little NAV/OSD project - under construction

    Which lawmate do you have?