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  1. Has anyone tried this: http://www.icuiti.net/vr920.html
  2. I burned a new pic and it works. (I guess.) This is what happens on power up it centers then about a second later it moves several degrees and stops. (I can then move it back to center with stick movement and get it to stay.) The dead band (amount of ignored stick movement) seems to be larger than version 2.1 and also seems to change size during use. I used both my Futaba with 'digital' trims and a hitec with standard trims. Same result. Also when I creep the stick/trim to get it moving its slowest speed is faster than I expected. (I can move it slower in by-pass mode.) You've spent a lot of time on this for me and I appreciate it. Perhaps it works great for everyone else so I'm not asking you to tweak it more. My application is for a stationary platform not on an airframe. I think on a moving airframe a lot is masked by the movement of the aircraft.
  3. I'll try it again tonight. Thanks for your patience.
  4. I got home early and couldn't wait to try but I must have messed something up. I burned a new 509A pic. However when I power it up the servo starts moving regardless of where the stick is. It moves about 5 degrees (or so) stops for a second and then moves again and repeats this until it hits the end of its travel where it keeps trying to move. I've only got two pics left on hand so before I burn another one thought I'd ask if anything else changed. Thx.
  5. Thanks. I'm travelling and get home this weekend and will give it a try as soon as I can.
  6. Gotcha and totally understand. Just for fun I'm going to try with a different transmitter (or two.) In the mean time I'll go with plan 'b' of taking the spring returns off my joy stick. Thx.
  7. I don't know but it isn't just with the trim. I'm just saying when I move the stick so it just starts to creep it then stops after starting to move. Since the pulse width hasn't changed shouldn't the pancam continue to 'widen' the pulse until the stick is released? I thought was perhaps a low battery or some friction thing with the servo but it happens with all the combinations I've tried. Have you tried it?
  8. I guess I'm confused. Based on the description of how it works shouldn't it keep going once it starts until the stick is released? (As mentioned this happens with both the trims and the stick. I just used the trims to make sure it wasn't me subconsiously removing pressure from the stick.) Sometimes I need to move very slowly but continuous and fluid. If it starts then stops then I have to move the stick some more it causes a jerk in the video. I'm just not understanding why it stops moving once its started and the pulse width from the transmitter hasn't changed. Thx.
  9. I burned a 509A and it works better than the undersized 508A however it still is quirky. When I move the stick slowly at some point the servo starts moving and then stops without releasing the stick. To make sure it wasn't just twitchy fingers I used my digital trims to repro the symptom. This is what I'm doing. (Using a Futaba 8U Super) Centering the sticks and trims. Turn everything on. Click trim one click, wait a few seconds and click again. As soon as the servo starts moving I stop clicking the trim. The servo should continue moving until I reverse click trim (or move stick in opposite direction) but it doesn't the servo just stops. I've tried multiple servos and mutliple receiver batteries all with the same result.
  10. I'm using a 508A. (That's all I ordered last year for this project.) Interesting that it worked at. I'll order a couple 509s. Thanks.
  11. After about a year off I got around to working on this again. (Have spent a lot of my free time working on the video processing software.) Anyway I downloaded your latest version 2.1 and burned a couple of 12C508As. It seems to work at low stick deflections but at quick full deflections (and then back to center) the servo goes hard over and doesn't stop until it maxes out. On similiar stick movements on the old version it doesn't behave this way.
  12. Here's the ticket! http://www.engadget.com/2006/12/21/wiimote...c-excite-truck/
  13. Other than the fit how did the myvus perform in and out of doors?
  14. Has anyone tried this head tracker gear on a non flying situation with a geared servo pan/tilt head. (Like those now sold by servocity?) I'm filming football for our highschool and have a mounted my Canon GL2 on a pole to get some more heigth. On the pole I have a bescor MP101 pan/tilt drive and remote the camera controls as well. The challenge is that it takes three hands to control everything. The bescor is great for the money but the direction controls are simple buttons (under a joystick) and it has a seperate speed control (which is too fast even at the slowest setting) when zoomed in close. I'm messing around modifying the bescor control so I get proportional speed with a stick deflection (somewhat of a brute force approach) but it occurred to me that perhaps the head tracker setup with be a good approach. One of the problems is that heavily geared servos (You need a geared servo setup with heavy camcorders) can't keep up with the desired movement. (I tried Mr. RC's brilliant pancam and the 5:1 geared servo keeps going for seconds after you tell it to stop. However it might be able to keep up with a 2:1 gearing if that gearing can handle the camera weight.) Anyway I guess what my babbling boils down to is the question as to whether this tracking system has been used with geared pan/tilts? I think it would be really great if I could look at the action by turning my head and then with one hand control record/pause and zoom. -steve- ps Also if anyone knows of any one that has done surgery on the bescor MP 101 to put true motor control on it I would be very interested.
  15. I'll give it a try when I get home later this week. I just need to make sure that the servo city 2:1 geared pan-tilt can handle 5 or 6 pounds.
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