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  1. Interesting that you would mention that..... We (at RPFlight Systems) were on stand-by with Task Force One to go in behind both Katrina and the just recently, Rita. With Katrina, we ran into the red tape of ignorance with the command center because the area was considered a "no fly" zone and they didn't want any other aircraft in the zone but the rescue choppers. They didn't have the time to learn about a 3-4 lb foam aircraft that could cover large areas and help them direct the operations. So they ended up with 5 choppers converging on the same house to rescue someone....... The Florida folks didn't fare much better either. They got within three miles of New Orleans and were turned back. They never flew a mission either. They ended up going back to Mississippi and flew a couple there for CNN and got some good coverage, but were largely ineffective. With Rita, everyone did such a good job of evacuating there was little else to do but mop up. As of Saturday morning there were over 600 trained rescuers coolin' their jets in the Reliant Center in Houston with no one to rescue. So we were told to "stand down". We still have some educating to do, but soon we WILL make a difference.
  2. DD has it right! Perception is reality and the full reality needs to be portrayed here. We at www.rcapa.net are trying to form a coalition of pilots that fly commercially and can demonstrate to the government that we are indeed capable of self regulation. If yoiu have not checked out the site, do so. If you believe in what we are trying to do, then JOIN! It costs you nothing, but it pays off in NUMBERS. CenTexFlyer
  3. I dunno... kinda makes you look .... not so much like Seven-of-Nine... maybe sort of Picard-ish...in a Borg sort of way! Sorry, couldn't resist.
  4. Have 3 antennas 1 - High gain yagi antenna from Evertime Enterprises 15dbi "N" connector 1 - YDI Panel Antenna Model A2.45FP12 - "N" connector 1 - Skelton (tubular) Parabolic antenna 2 - Paddle type accumlators - "N" connector If interested - E-mail me at texhills-AT-gte.net Thanx Gene
  5. Wow! 12.2 ounces without the 12V 2amp battery! Better have a real freight hauler to get that one airborne! CTF
  6. Hey Mike, How does that 8db antenna work on the 2.4 gig? Get good results? CTF
  7. I know a few of you folks will recognize from other "groups" but I am now very seriously moving into aerial photography and wireless video using my ZagNutz design. A flying wing, when properly setup makes a wonderful platform for vid/dig photography. The wing allows you to embed all your sensitive gear in a nice safe foam pod that holds up quite will in all sorts of "unscheduled landings". Not to mention they're cheap! You can see what we've done at ZagNutz CTF
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