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  1. Yes. That was my question. I was looking at the X10 system and didn't see anything about the "servo mount" . So I could go with the X10 system but it would be a fixed camera until I get a light weight servo mount. I might wait until a servo mount is available with the X10, but if it's easy enough to assemble I might try to build it myself. Thanks for the replies. I want to go with RC-Tech for all the FPV supplies. If you guys know of anyone else that sells here in the US I would appreciate the info. How is RC-Tech with delivery and customer service? Thank you again, Ordy
  2. I am looking into getting an Easy Star setup with FPV capabilities and was wondering if you folks recommend the X10 FPV set from RC Tech? http://www.rc-tech.ch/web/index.php?page=s...emid=26〈=en I am curious about the camera itself. The product description mentions needing a camera mount but I see no info on how the camera moves inside the RC plane. Does the camera pan and tilt out of the box or do I need some sort of mount that recieves the signals from the VR Goggles and moves the camera? I appologise for this and I know you guys are probably getting flooded with questions from people
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