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  1. We do not support users making their own boards, nor does the license for the soruce code allow it.
  2. Mark Harris

    My little NAV/OSD project - under construction

    The software is open soure, the hardware is not.
  3. Mark Harris

    My little NAV/OSD project - under construction

    The two boards were IFOSD's, stacked one on top of another feeding from one into the other. YOu could do that with dragonosd's but not using the one bob4. We plan to eventually put a scripting language into the DragonOSD Pro version which we're working on, this would allow you to script waypoints and make things happen when you get there. If your dropping candy, please do so near my house If you want to work on code, getting a MikroElectronica dsPICprog is the best thing you can do for yourself. It connects to the IDE we use and allows you to watch the MCU running through code/pause it and such. Fantastic for debugging code! The old board schematics are not compatable with the V1/V1.1 boards, you wouldn't be able to use the IMU or expansion ports, or the newer source code on there.
  4. Mark Harris

    Surface Mount Pcb's

    Once you get good, with the right tip you can get just the right amount of solder on the tip of your iron and use surface tension to go down one side, leaving just the last two pins with a blob on them. A bit of solder wick can quickly remove this. I use SMT tweasers to hold the IC in place as i tack the 4 corners, putting solder on first i find makes it very difficult to get it sitting flat and straight. H.J.Gelsthorpe, i've built a reflow oven out of a $35 toaster oven. It has top and bottom heating elements, and i put two pieces of aluminium sheet at the top below the elements, and two at the bottom above the elements which really help smooth out the heat. Simply preheat to desired temperature (a bit hotter than the solder paste needs), place in oven, keeping the temp fairly low - so the heating elements dont start to change colour - wait for the smoke from the flux to stop coming out and then turn off and let slowly cool. Works fantastic. Also, as far as tips go, i have some 0.2mm and 0.6mm chisel tips for my soldering iron, but i now find i do a better job with the 3mm chisel, it applies heat quicker and easier especially on ground parts, thermals or not. It also allows you to pull more solder off if you put too much on, it's all round far easier i've found. Sander, your board looks like it was stenciled, you can see mounds of solder on blank pads, and that the IC's have floated - not been hand soldered.
  5. You could also look at the atmel starter kits
  6. Mark Harris

    My little NAV/OSD project - under construction

    I didnt receive any emails either.. mark-AT-intelligentflight.com daniel-AT-intelligentflight.com for dragon stuff
  7. Mark Harris

    Question about Dragon OSD

    I'm thinking if you want to use the dragon on a helicopter you're going to have to dive in and start modifying the code yourself to make it work. Do you know C?
  8. Once our new 12v step up power supplies arrive, i'll be bundling them with cameras very cheaply so that people can run their cameras off 5v We're working with the camera manufacturer to make the cameras 5v if possible. While i'd love to do some comparative tests, currently the weather is too crappy for me to fly, and it's very overcast and dark outside (unheard of for this time of year...) so i cant even just point it out the window with a 131 to compare them. Once we get some nice bright sunlight and winds under 20km/h i'll compare them. You can look at the videos in this thread, and the photos in the mean time.
  9. http://www.intelligentflight.com/store/ind...=index&cPath=11
  10. Mark Harris

    My little NAV/OSD project - under construction

    Mugur, When ordering, you chose Internation Parcel Post - AIR. This is uninsured and does not offer tracking of any sort just as started on the confirmation of your order being posted As it is christmas time, Australia Post are saying it may take up to 20 days for delivery rather than the standard 7-9 days.
  11. Mark Harris

    Joystick Control

    saabguyspg, yes thats me :eek: heh. That was with a really early beta version of my software which used the EMATracker object, not EMADevice. Phils program is far better suited to it
  12. Mark Harris

    My little NAV/OSD project - under construction

    Mugur, Nothing since the email i responded to on Wed 28/11/2007 10:16 AM
  13. Mark Harris

    My little NAV/OSD project - under construction

    45 second cold start on an EB-85A outdoors.
  14. Mark Harris

    Maxim's MAX7456: Text based OSD Chip

    The 4455 is an alternative.. but $100, and 8 channels. Been trying to get them to make a single channel of it, they're not having it through.
  15. Mark Harris

    My little NAV/OSD project - under construction

    pseddon, You sure you got the right wires going to the right pins? I know thomas uses a 5 or 6m gps cable unshielded no problems, he puts the GPS in his garden so he can track satellites when working on stuff. lol. Ever tried putting a tiny bit of wire between two SMT pads 0.2mm apart? And then reflowing it? With a machine?! 0ohm = safe and easy. As to PM's my inbox is perpetually full here. I think i remember seeing an email, but didnt see any questions in it so didnt respond. *shrug*