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  1. what's a "solder-well tip"? never seen one. google hasn't seen one either.
  2. the weird thing is the scp does have chip select; it just doesn't let go of the bus. at least that how it appeared. i was able to get it to work with a 3axis accel, but it wouldn't work with my 3axis mag. the accel and mag would work fine together, but if i throw in the scp, things went to krap. the scp has some special configuration to would let go of miso (shouldn't chip select do this ), but i and others couldn't get it to work. again, ymmv.
  3. the scp1000 pressure & temp sensor is part of a telemetry package i'm working on. it's spi and very easy to use but has one idiosyncracy: it ain't spi-compliant. it will work if it's the only component on the spi bus, but if you add other items, it won't work. ymmv. (there is a revision in development that i suspect will fix this.) i ended up faking spi with three lines of port d of a atmega168. works great. i still need to get my setup aloft (will be adding the transceivers next week), but the temp and pressure readings all appear accurate.
  4. i'm working on a telemetry project. i'd like to sample the rc battery (3S lipo) and my video tx battery (a 4.8v nimh pack). what's the recommended way to step down this voltage for sampling with an ADC on atmega? i figure i could just use a voltage divider for each pack. is there a better (more efficient, better isolation, etc) way? thanks alot.
  5. i have a em-411. works great, but requires > 3.3v so i need two regulators (the rest of my stuff is 3.3v), i can't use a 1S lipo, etc. is there one that's the same size as the em-411 but takes 3.3v? the only other requirement is that it can output at 56k. many thanks.
  6. sorry jett. that is a simulated image; a screen capture with a photoshopped black line.
  7. well, i've shipped my z800 back. they say repairs take 4-6weeks. (!) what a pain.
  8. "This beaver is now yours"... funny. it doesn't see my capture box. it seems to be geared towards tv/bt878-style framegrabbers. oh well.
  9. thanks. i'll try those apps. hope they'll see the converter. edit: virtualdub is as laggy as the native app. virtual vcr captures fine, but the real-time window on virtual vcr must be buggy on my machine because it is incredibly pixelated and very delayed so is unusable for at least checking lag. can't find ktv.
  10. yep, that's true. just have to make sure the power settings are correct. btw, i got my ntsc->usb converter. it records well but it lags a bit (link to 1MB video); maybe 0.5sec; the time between the onset/offset of the camera's OSD is about 13 frames. is that usable? what converter are you using kilrah!?
  11. sweet video. but you taunt 'dem thar trees long enough and they'll reach up and grab you. (think lord of the rings 2. )
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