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  1. That´s the problem. Light planes usually fly with 2s batteries, like the shocky I´m preparing for FPV. That´s the reason I was interested in this camera, but this rule it out
  2. Ok, "It´s a pain" or "what a pity". I need some english lessons Thanks Terry
  3. It´s lighter than the kx-131 but, how much does it weight? It´s a pity that it needs 12v...
  4. Hi Daniel Nice comparative. I´m looking for a small/light setup and I´m interested on this camera, looks promising Any news about price/availability?
  5. Sergio, if you can change the antena position, have you tried to use a higher gain one? What about using a gyro to keep the antena vertical when you´re far away and make a turn?
  6. 4,5km with a standard Futaba 4EX is the record I think. He´s a friend of mine, and with another 35mhz tx (Graupner MC19???) I´ve flown his plane up to 3,5km. But that´s not usual, he lives in North of Spain and there must not be rf noise at all there, the record was with a 500mw tx and 3db dipoles on both sides, and I don´t know anyone who has achieved half his range with the same stock video setup. He´s really lucky The only thing was not stock was the rc rx antena, wich he had doubled in its length.
  7. Wow I´m stupid, I´ve only played it with Windows Media Player. With BSPlayer or PowerDVD the quality is amazing Thanks Kilrah
  8. Hi all I finally found a second hand Canon MVX200i (EU version of Elura60). 250 euros is not a bad price considering it has 2 years warranty Now I´m trying to edit some video in full resolution (DV) with Pinnacle Studio 9 (came with the camcoder) but the video captured is really horrible . Actually, I´ve tested with another edition program (Honestech) and using Mpeg the quality is much better. I must be missing something because the weight of the file using DV quality with Pinnacle is 35MB for a 9 second video, but seems like 320x240 video What am I doing wrong? How should I do to edit a full resolution video? Thanks Andres
  9. There´s all kind of stuff in Switzerland , here it´s not so easy...
  10. Hi Kilrah How does that splitter work? I need one, with my new camcoder my Y wire doesn´t work Where did you get it?
  11. I´ve changed the pic for this one wich is better (not great tough). There are three flashing leds (tail boom) three steady (one each landing strut and one red in the tail), one big white led (inside the canopy), and one landing light I can switch on/flash/off with the tx. The complete system weight 8g and is also a low voltage alarm (the three flash leds become steady when voltage is.... I don´t remind, around 9,5v. It´s the V2 system of thanhtran (RcGroups username) and it has worked great on the t-rex. With clear shrink tube in the leds the visibility increases a lot. This might sound crazy, but we have to try it
  12. Yes, I´m the co-pilot. We have the night Formosa vs Formosa in mind, but first of all we need to install the leds from our T-Rex in the Formosas
  13. It´s a isolated industrial park, at night the only traffic is the security car
  14. To keep this thread on topic, here is the first night flight of Sergio (my buddy, not Sergio00 ) It´s from december, without 180º pan and with hard wind. I couldn´t fly with him because I had crashed that evening but it´s a nice video for the night maiden with 20-25km/h wind Since then, we have not done much night flying because of the cold, but we hope in the next weeks could post some more night videos. Isn´t it a nice place for night flying? Sergio night FPV maiden, 66MB ¡Saludos desde España!
  15. Yes, many fpv´ers here in Spain, that´s great! We have to prepare something special for that meeting Sergio00, please say me what can I do to help you. hehehe, if you want to hit me you´ll have to practice a lot, I´m not easy to shoot down, have many hours in Combat Flight Simulator hey guys, for a moment I thought this was a spanish forum
  16. Cool!! Keep an eye with those colisions, my buddy Sergio once broke me the elevator control and you can imagine how did I feel seeing the ground aproaching with no chance to avoid the crash Very nice video Sergio
  17. hehehe, I crashed once in a very similar situation. I was flying with the wide lense (2,1mm with kx131) and when I was going to land saw a weed. Well, that´s what I thought until I realiced that was a bit bigger. Actually it was around 2m tall and 2m wide but was dried up without leafs and only noticed it when the crash was irremediable This is one of the reasons I don´t like the wide lense but if I had studied the field instead of arrive-connect-launch I´d had avoid it. The rushing are never good... Thanks for sharing Wilson
  18. I´ve just watched the google version, and now I´m downloading the megaupload one, that´s cool!! I thought the plane was not going to pass between those trees next to the parking! Do you have the wing tips entires? BTW, nice cockpit, where have you get it?
  19. What a bad info they have, bad prices and bad specs. I´m really sorry to hear it Kilrah
  20. If you don´t say it, I would have never know it Nice, I´ll have to practice much more the edition job, you´re setting very high standards
  21. Wow, nice video and nice edition, good job Sorry to hear the HD crash, what a PITA If you recover it, I want the full definition version
  22. Tell us the complete history, what was the problem with that tree to prompt that kamikaze attack? Seriously, sorry for the crash, but at least you have recorded it . I have had two crashes since my fpv start, the first due to a glitch during a slow and low flight, and the second... have you seen my videos? you can easily guess what happened flying so near I´d have paid to have it recorded. When I change anything of my setup, I always do a flying range test, but at high rise over my head. If I had glitch problems, you only need to do a barrel (if the plane doesn´t do it for itself ) to recover the control. Another "safety" measure is to hold the tx as down as I can. When I have some rc problem, only need to hold it as high and vertical as I can (like Jettpilot said) to recover the control. This way I always have "extra range" to recover from delicated situations , and I feel able to go as far as I want without worring too much.
  23. Another air to air It´s not pylon racing, but here I already had the servostretcher, and I really love the 180º view . We still need to improve a lot the side-view piloting tough. Video 114MB Andres
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