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  1. I've been to Windsor! Have you been to Legoland? I went there when I was... 9 years old I think... Wow, this is pretty off topic.
  2. I am thinking about using an Easystar for my 100mW TX, but what is a cheaper alternative? I was thinking about finding some low quality RTF online, but what should I get? I probably want something < $125. THANKS FOR ANY SUGGESTIONS, ~Mappum
  3. Thanks for your help! You are the only other poster on this thread...
  4. Thanks! I am going to order one tomorrow I think! Wait, it is compatitible with the Airwave 612 TX, right?
  5. Thank you, Terry. It is an American company, so I would expect it to be NTSC. ~Matt
  6. I am pretty sure I will but the Airwaves 612 video transmitter, but should I get that Airwave 623 reciever? It says it can only recieve up to 100 meter, but I didn't think the reciever mattered, just how powerful the TX is. ~Matt -------- The edit was fixing a few typos.
  7. So I just solder the video pin of the camera to the video pin on the transmitter?
  8. I am new at all of this, so I have some basic questions. If I bought that 500mW Active-Robots transmitter, how would I hook up the video? I saw on the datasheet there is a pin for it, but will any CMOS camera's video out pin be able to be soldered to the transmitter and work? Or would I need certain drivers and IC's? Also, what would I do to make an RCA-out on the video reciever? Thank you, Matt
  9. Hey guys, I am new here. I don't think cameras are much of a problem, but this seems really cheap: https://www.supercircuits.com/index.asp?Pag...ROD&ProdID=4232. It is only $11.95, but looking at the resolution, it seems to be getting what you pay for. If I try to use this with that Active-Robots video transmitter I heard about will there be any compatibility issues? Thanks, Matt
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