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  1. I broke down and decided to just get this one 9v Regulator for micro R/C cam... That 9v regulator (78L09) only outputs 100ma and I think this cam/trasmiter uses 150ma. I'm going to wire it like they say and cut the heavy plug off and wire the 9v side going to the built in transmitter and the 5v going to the camera. the camera works very well on my RC car, I'll post some video when I get this thing up and running on the heli.
  2. I would like to use my wireless cam similar to the one show here (http://www.rc-cam.com/hk_video.htm) on my Heli that is powered by an 11.1v 3 cell LiPO. The picture quality seems to degrade with anything under 9v so I would like to run it on between 9-10. I assume some sort of voltage regulator/resistor would be necessary (maybe not?), is that something I can find at radio shack and just solder in? I found this Picture showing an 11.1v Heli with the same camera wired to it showing some sort of voltage regulator inline with the camera power cord. Thanks for any help Evan
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