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  1. I can certainly understand if you don't want to give the source away. And yes, I agree there are many (too many!) examples on the Internet. The problem is sorting through the chaff to find the wheat. I just find it a little odd. You publish schematics of the hardware. Why be so secretive with the software? I just thought you would be able to give me a little guidance to help get me started. Thanks for your help. Donald
  2. I fly high-powered rockets (450 MPH, 3,000' altitude). They have automated systems for parachute deployments. I have built in various radio-controlled backup deployment systems. As well, I built a rocket with a radio controlled square parachute (rather than a conventional unsteerable round), using automated deployment with R/C backup reserve parachute deployment. For all these projects, I have used a mechanical switch (a servo with metal contacts) to manually fire the explosive charges needed to deploy the parachutes. I recently discovered the PIC10F20X family of microcontrollers. I plan to replace the mechanical switches with these little chips. I have begun testing a system which is virtually identical to the Bit-Switch project shown on this website. I am an experienced programmer, and I have the needed compiler, simulator, etc, as well as the needed hardware to transfer the compiled hex file to the chip itself. Since I am unfamiliar with this computer's instruction set, I am struggling a little getting going on the software itself. I am great when I have examples of new stuff, but I am a little slow figuring it out myself. Is it possible to get a copy of the source files for the software for the Bit-Switch project? Thanks for your help! Don Gravelle donald[AT]kingston.net
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