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  1. Ok, Mr.RC-Cam, I was worried about to use a 90º FOV... You gave me a good starting point: Now I'll try a 4mm (83º FOV) to start. Later, I change to a minor FOV, if I feel necessary. Thank you.
  2. Thank you, Mr.RC-Cam. Then, as I'm buying a 40º FOV Head Mounted Display, do you think it's advisable I use a 40º FOV cam (8mm) too? I was thinking to get a 92º FOV (3.6mm) cam... What do you think? Thank you again.
  3. Ok... then, somebody can tell me if the informations bellow are right? Lens calculations facts using a 1/3" CCD (if a 1/4" CCD is used, just drop 10 degrees on each calculation): Lens approximate degree field of view --------- -------------------------------------- 1.7mm: 170(160 if 1/4"ccd) degree field of view 2.5mm: 150 degree field of view 2.97mm: 130 degree field of view 3.6mm: 92 degree field of view 4.3mm: 78 degree field of view 6mm: 53 degree field of view 8mm: 40 degree field of view 12mm: 28 degree field of view 16mm: 19 degree field of view 25mm: 13.8 degree field of view Just one question, anymore: I'm buying Z800 Head Monted Display that has 40 degrees FOV. So, is it advisable I buy a 8mm lens? Thank you so much.
  4. Well... I'd like to get a little help from my friends If already there is another topic about this, tell me. Otherwise, answer me, please. Thank you.
  5. I'm buying a FutureHobbies Elite 1000 aerial video system and I have a doubt about the video cam: That kit comes with a 2.8mm cam. I would like to know how cam is more apropriete for a non-beginner (as if it was a second lens, did you understand?). Thankyou.
  6. What about Futurehobbies RE-Elite 1000mW (Link FutureHobbies)? How distance would it go? Thanks
  7. excuse-me for hecko(?!). I type h e l l o, and it appears hecko...
  8. hecko, I'm from Brazil, and I have a little dificulties to choice and purchasing glasses because here there isn't much sellers here. I'm searching LCD glasses and Sergio already advice me that Z800 is a good choice (40º FOV, 800x600, ...). I agree. It seems be very good really. However, z800 isn't a PAL/NTSC directly compatible(it needs a converter) Do that converter need a new batterie and a new charger? My big problem is that, as a said before, I'm in Brazil... I cannot walk to the shop and view, hold, ask to seller ... So I need specify everything I'll need to make an order (glasses, converter, batterie, charger, connectors, anything more?) Can you help me? Thank you all.
  9. hecko. What do you think about the Virtual Visor 3DV(http://www.vrealities.com/virtualvisor3dv.html)? It cost almost the same that Z800, but it dont need conversor... It is 800x600 and has a 30º FOV. Do you think it is a good idea? I`m thinking buy that monitor and a FutureHobbies Elite 1000. Any objections? Thank you all.
  10. Hi. Can you tell me where to find 800 x 600 glasses? I dont need 3D. Just glasses that work fine as video goggles for FPV. (I'm thinking to buy a 520 lines cam) Another doubt: Is 800x600 much better than 640x480 for that propose? Thank you in advance.
  11. Hi everybody. I'm looking forward to get some video sistem for flying here on Brazil. I dont know what kind of camera, video goggles, and so on... can you help me?
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