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  1. Ok, Mr.RC-Cam, I was worried about to use a 90º FOV... You gave me a good starting point: Now I'll try a 4mm (83º FOV) to start. Later, I change to a minor FOV, if I feel necessary. Thank you.
  2. Thank you, Mr.RC-Cam. Then, as I'm buying a 40º FOV Head Mounted Display, do you think it's advisable I use a 40º FOV cam (8mm) too? I was thinking to get a 92º FOV (3.6mm) cam... What do you think? Thank you again.
  3. Ok... then, somebody can tell me if the informations bellow are right? Lens calculations facts using a 1/3" CCD (if a 1/4" CCD is used, just drop 10 degrees on each calculation): Lens approximate degree field of view --------- -------------------------------------- 1.7mm: 170(160 if 1/4"ccd) degree field of view 2.5mm: 150 degree field of view 2.97mm: 130 degree field of view 3.6mm: 92 degree field of view 4.3mm: 78 degree field of view 6mm: 53 degree field of view 8mm: 40 degree field of view 1
  4. Well... I'd like to get a little help from my friends If already there is another topic about this, tell me. Otherwise, answer me, please. Thank you.
  5. I'm buying a FutureHobbies Elite 1000 aerial video system and I have a doubt about the video cam: That kit comes with a 2.8mm cam. I would like to know how cam is more apropriete for a non-beginner (as if it was a second lens, did you understand?). Thankyou.
  6. What about Futurehobbies RE-Elite 1000mW (Link FutureHobbies)? How distance would it go? Thanks
  7. excuse-me for hecko(?!). I type h e l l o, and it appears hecko...
  8. hecko, I'm from Brazil, and I have a little dificulties to choice and purchasing glasses because here there isn't much sellers here. I'm searching LCD glasses and Sergio already advice me that Z800 is a good choice (40º FOV, 800x600, ...). I agree. It seems be very good really. However, z800 isn't a PAL/NTSC directly compatible(it needs a converter) Do that converter need a new batterie and a new charger? My big problem is that, as a said before, I'm in Brazil... I cannot walk to the shop and view, hold, ask to seller ... So I need specify everything I'll need to make an order (glasses
  9. hecko. What do you think about the Virtual Visor 3DV(http://www.vrealities.com/virtualvisor3dv.html)? It cost almost the same that Z800, but it dont need conversor... It is 800x600 and has a 30º FOV. Do you think it is a good idea? I`m thinking buy that monitor and a FutureHobbies Elite 1000. Any objections? Thank you all.
  10. Hi. Can you tell me where to find 800 x 600 glasses? I dont need 3D. Just glasses that work fine as video goggles for FPV. (I'm thinking to buy a 520 lines cam) Another doubt: Is 800x600 much better than 640x480 for that propose? Thank you in advance.
  11. Hi everybody. I'm looking forward to get some video sistem for flying here on Brazil. I dont know what kind of camera, video goggles, and so on... can you help me?
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