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  1. Thanks guys I never knew that about the cable configuration on these batteries. Maybe there were too many complains in the past about charging them with two cables. I learn every day.
  2. Hi, Dont know if this goes on this section. I need help to charge some li-po battery. I have a Venom charger with 4 pins male connector for 3 cell batteries and need to charge a 2 pin 11.1v battery. To be more specific, some batteries comes with 2 cables. One cable has 4 pins (red+white+blue+black) the other cable with 2 pins (black +red). Mine came only with one cable (red+black). I received as an extra, a 2 pin BEC connector. How do I connect it to charge it? Do I need a charger cable adaptor like this? http://www2.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin/wti00...p?&I=LXWV18&P=7 I am
  3. I think I bought the same system as you. I bought the system on Special for $175 with some other stuff. It´s a 200mw 12volts system. About the fax, yes he asked me about sending him a fax of my card, but I thought that was normal since my card is international. Some other web retailors in the past has done it. I send him the fax but was too dark, lol so I called him and dictated the numbers. One thing, he told me ran out of cameras so he send me a Sony. Maybe that´s the reason why you were not able to get the equipment on time.
  4. Yes, this is strange, because I spoke to him on email a few months ago and he responded me at normal time. He even offered me a steel cage protection for my camera. Thanks, I just wanted to make sure.
  5. Hi, I want to know your recent experience on Futurehobbies.com, because I am interested on this set. Its only $175 http://www.futurehobbies.com/items.asp?id=25 but I was reading this: http://www.aeromodelismovirtual.com/viewtopic.php?t=26 www.futurehobbies.com ( UN DESASTRE) Tienda especializada en aeromodelismo en primera persona, creo solo vende dentro de Usa EDITADO: NO ACONSEJAMOS COMPRAR EN ESTA TIENDA. HAY MUCHOS ANTECEDENTES DE FRAUDE A MIEMBROS DEL FORO Y NULO SOPORTE POST VENTA. Last paragraph: We don´t recommend to buy on this store. Too many fraud to members
  6. 5ghz is comming. I just installed a wireless router on my office using this 2.4/5 ghz frecuency.
  7. I see him smiling, maybe is too cold there. On their webpage they have more pictures.
  8. Well, to keep you informed of all crazy stuff people do with the wireless mini cameras. Two Robot projects: http://home.planet.nl/%7Epruim006/pic_cam.htm http://www.evosapien.com/robosapien-hack/j...obo/robocam.htm
  9. I saw the project on this link, but is the wii control better than a normal r/c joystick. The other thing is you need a laptop. I dont have one, they cost more than $500.
  10. These things can be done and I believe will be the future of RC. People will start to see the hobby different as I do now. Since cameras and computers are becoming more accesible and cheaper.
  11. I will buy a Zenith PSONE screen and a Neuros 2 plus. It´s going to take space, but is cheaper.
  12. The real question is, can I buy from those places without Paypal account? As I said before, I cannot open a Paypal account since Panama is not on the list even I use $US, funny isn´t it?
  13. This is one, but they removed the price tag and has no servos. http://www.robotstore.com/store/product.as...=704&catid=1527 Info site about robots and robo-fights http://www.robots-dreams.com/hacks/index.html This kit comes with six servos for $300 without upgrades. They also have Rovonova that uses 16 servos, but is more expensive. http://www.lynxmotion.com/Product.aspx?pro...4&CategoryID=97 superdroidrobots.com have stuff for robots too. I got my first test camera kit from there. There a group of people doing combat with tanks: http://www.rctankcombat.co
  14. Its funny, but I didn´t noticed the pilot on the picture Tanks, robots and helis wars could be cool. Maybe by using one of those 2 legged (biped) robot kits they sale for $400 + the camera kit + the combat system could be cool.
  15. Did you tried to make an order? Strange, it suppose to say sign in to Paypal or something. Are you sure your credit card is ok?
  16. I am starting with electric car first and a cheap camera equipment. Cars are more easy to make experiments with the cam were I live, since there is not much open field for flying planes and a lot of interference. Also, there are some guys driving nitros around, but their cars cost about more than $700 each one. I hope some day to have people racing on cams here with some sponsorship. The traditional way of driving requires to have a special track. With the cam you can use any park as driveway to compete.
  17. I cannot buy from any of the two because they use paypal. I will have to buy from Future Hobbies.
  18. I talked to the guy in futurehobbies and he was even offering me a protective cage free for the video system they are selling. Maybe they can help on an extra for your camera equipment.
  19. Sorry about your bad experience, thats the reason I like more the Neuros, since on Youtube I saw an example of somebody recording while the TV displays at the same time what was recorded. I imagined this drawback could happen, that´s why I made some research. I was suspicious about the Scandisk V-mate since there was no example to watch. For now, the Neuros 2 Plus is the only cheap option. A drawback I saw on Neuros forums, the device seems to have a recording limit of 2 hours. Don´t know if they solved it.
  20. a lot of people has done that with xcam, expensive kits, ebay cams, video cams, pencams... I am planning to do that to drive on parks if possible, instead of the traditional method.
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