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  1. That sux about the monitor but the idea seems really great. Thank you for sharing the project under developement. In the aerial film world, we have the monitors but the price would make you sick. I keep hoping that with the $6K HD monitors that we have gone to, that the prices of the lower res stuff would fall but that just hasn't happened yet. Has anyone considered a football helmet since it has a solid mounting point (protective cage) and can easily be made with a veil. It would/could look cool too with the right paint job. Some helmets have comms too.
  2. So, is it possible that HD transmitters will become the standard then?
  3. Nice build Ron. I really like the flush vidTX mount but with it on the side, aren't you worried about stuff getting in through the holes like sand, snow, or grass while landing? The gyros are interesting. We've used IR sensors for stabilization on this model but are ugly the way they have to be mounted. The gyro's are a clean install. If you want or need more room inside the fuse, try moving the ESC's out to the nacelles, behind the motors. That'll get the noise away from the RX as well. Just my $.02. The maiden flight should be a pleasure, especially if you haven't flown a BLS TS before. It's a very positive airplane. Enjoy!
  4. http://www.inition.co.uk/inition/product.php?URL_=product_hmd_vuzix_wrap&SubCatID_=16 update
  5. 14ft Easy Star...Well Terry, that would just about do it. For now though, I have settled on trying several planes out but unfortunately, some aren't foam...but they are of the right size though...close to 100 inch. Gemma, I am watching your developement too.
  6. OK..I'm tired of goggles with a sweet spot that isn't adjustable and fragile. The Fat Shark seems to be the answer but I fly on 2.4ghz. Is there a version without the built in 2.4ghz rx as I use 1.3ghz and 900mhz with a diversity set up and soon an autotracker? Maybe there's something better that I haven't found yet, any suggestions? Please post a link. Thanks for any help guys...
  7. I was getting the same thing. Looks good though. I'd be interested in a pair when...err if they become available.
  8. http://www.inition.co.uk/inition/product.p...mp;SubCatID_=34 Looking for comments. Looks good but has anyone used these or seen them prior?
  9. It's rope lighting. It can usually be found in hardware stores or even at Walmart. Here's a link, although this one is very long. What's convienient is that when the wind changes, it's easy to move the runway into the wind in seconds. Rope Lighting
  10. T-28 Trojan FPV Here's the first video. This was put together by another T-28 pilot to help out. Thanks Matt! RVOSD is on another T-28 with a KX191 cam. There's a little oops at 4:06. Enjoy!
  11. Man, I have to say that the T-28 is really a nice plane to FPV. This foam version is a Bind N fly needing only a receiver and the FPV gear. It handles the weight just fine. They are available at a lot of hobby shops being a ParkZone. It doesn't need any mods to the stock running gear. It's less than $200 and can get airborne pretty quick from the box. It already has a BL motor and the stock speed controller is rated for 3s and 4s. I use a 2500 3s with great success but a heavier cam may tolerate a 4s concerning the CofG. NOTE Using additional servos for Pan and Tilt require the user to disable the BEC. No problem with the OSD but watch your timers. You can also use an external BEC. The stock airplane is already at it's max servo count for digital servo's using the BEC. I will add that my P/T canopy shed its factory paint which had the velcro attached to it. No problem, I simply stripped the rest of the rubbery paint and the sticky velcro stuck to the bare foam very well. I test pulled a small section under the canopy and it pulled the outer skin off the foam with effort. The other canopys paint is still in tack. Maybe it was left over mold release or moisture getting under the paint. I'm not sure but it's a good idea to double check before you stick something to the painted surfaces. Off to shoot some videos! My firewire cable cam in. I'll post them as soon as I can. I have to figure out how to work Vista's movie maker.
  12. Mine was from the 1/6th scale version which I found out they stop making. E-Bay time. Here's a link that I found while googling 21st Century Ultimate Soldier Collection. 1/6th heli
  13. The pic shows the 1.3ghz but the 900mhz P/T is rigged identical and has only flown once and yes, I had issues but didn't lose video enough to lose control. My receive sites are identical as well. When I use the 1.3 ghz, I have maybe 5 noticable hits but never see any tearing or chroma shift and certanly haven't lost video itself. There's only minor static over the hotspots and that's no big deal. I have read several posts about the 900 gear and I think I have several issues... 1- Patch antennas are mounted on the tripods at about 125 degrees or so and tilted to match the legs. I should consider ground plains for the antennas and maybe lay one flat to earth. I have been exposed to the Cloud Cap Piccolo and it uses a ground plain for its 900 tx. Question is how big should the plates be and how thick? I have 6061 T-6 sheets that are maybe 3mm thick. Will that work? 3- Vova warns of issues with the 900mhz tx so close to the RVOSD. I need to try moving the transmitter aft, away from the rx and RVOSD. Too bad we can't use multiple freq's on the 1.3 side. It seems far more forgiving and just works great. 4- I also have the 2.5 dbi and 3 dbi tx antennas to try. The 3 dbi is large, heavy, and strong enough to act as a snatch hook for carrier landings. Can it hang down towards earth and should I invert the patch's as well?
  14. The kid says the helmet is from the little bird pilot figure. From The Ultimate Soldier Collection at Kids r Us. The same littlebird that a few have converted to electric for RC scale apps. I had to drill a small hole on each side for the safety wire. It hides easy. It matches up with the outer two holes on the Mighty Might mini servo horn. Just align and drill. I used a 1/16th" bit. I've got the KX191 and new 201 but they are too wide for the helmet. This fits the KX171 perfect. What's really cool is when you pan, you see that helmet move in the mirror. I hope to get a video up soon. Just have to get that fire wire cable here....hurry up delivery dood!
  15. I'm very happy with the canopy layout. It has endoured a few crashes where the canopy gets ejected. Fortunately, we fly at a soccer field and the grass is forgiving to the canopy but grabs the landing gear. Other than realigning the antenna and double checking everything, it just pops back on and ya either taxi back , fly, or get carried back... People are thrown back when I offer them to fly FPV with their own T-28. The stock canopy is attached with pins in the front and a single magnet in the rear. The canopy hasn't come off in flight after a fair share of aerobatics and rough landings but a mid air is different. I'm considering a chute for the canopy. There's plenty of room under the deck for it and I imagine that a small peice of velcro will pull the chute when necessary. Never know what's gonna happen when ya dog fight FPV with laser tag modules.
  16. From a little fella named GI Joe. He wasn't looking so I grabbed it............naw, the kid handed it to me.
  17. Showing the RVOSD install. Pics only lack the battery which is a 2500 3s lipo. I get 20 minutes of relaxed flying.
  18. DANG! It's like a ghost town around here. Anyway, I have another one for ya. This one is set up for dog fighting. I only have to install the park zone laser tag set up. Hopefully it has a narrower beam Vs splashing the target. I have two canopies. This one is intended to easily transfer from one plane to another. We have 5 at our field. It's rigged with a KX171 cam, 1.3 ghz tx, and a 350mah 3s lipo. Simply swap canopies and plug the PAN servo into a "Y" cable with the rudder and instant FPV. The cam sits back far enough that I don't need the 180 degree modd. The helmet was swipped from G.I. Joe while he wasn't looking. It fits the KX171 perfect and allows for adequete cooling. The helmet is safety wired to the servo horn and just happens to rest the visor shield behind the lens. Looks cool anyway but more weight. The other, not shown, is for this aircraft with the RVOSD. It's rigged for head tracking with pan/tilt, KX191 cam, 900 mhz tx, and gets it's power from a seperate 480mah 3s lipo through the RVOSD. It's also seen several night flights. Awesome. This FPV plane is a little more thought out this time. I love the foam planes. In fact, any thoughts about putting the GPS antenna inside the foam fuse? It picks up very well through my house roof so a 1/2 inch peice of foam shouldn't hurt it. Am I right? Enjoy! This is the Parkzone T-28 Trojan Plug-n-play version. Rear view is like having an extra cam for free.
  19. REVO, You still haven't given enough info. What control freq. are you using? If it's 2.4 for radio then 2.4 video is out. You'll have to use something different like 1.3 or 5.8 or 900Mhz. Depending on power output, you may need a HAM liscense. I'm not a HAM(YET) so I too don't know where the power output starts for a liscense. But, I'm pretty sure that a 10mw 2.4 ghz video TX is legal without a liscense. That won't give you a mile range though. BTW- the guys on here don't respond to belligerence very well. It's the holiday, have patience man. I'm curious as well as to what the limits are with and without a HAM. I'm too buisy right now to devote to the liscense but as soon as things slow down, I'm all over it....but I want to stay legal without it too.
  20. Hmmm, my new Cannon 5D MK2 on the XLV. Normally would go on the Copterworks gimbal but I could mount it in my FPV cam position with servo's from Servo City. http://www.servocity.com/html/spg785_pan.html The XLV doesn't care about a few pounds.
  21. 10 pounds, yeah right! My XLV is over 30!!! I assume they are not considering heli's. The XLV is probably the easiest heli to fly FPV and that's due to its size and weight. Very stable, less reaction to wind, easy to hover stationary, predictable as it gets, autos like a fluffy marshmellow, etc... All that adds up to a machine that's less likely to cause a problem. Not to mention that it can be seen a lot further out. I love it low and slow anyway. Showing off the hover skills...although it's really the XLV's handling characteristics.
  22. Hey Doofer, this was thrown together. I plan on building another EZStar. This time I'll modd the airframe before I glue the halves together. Also, I'm considering adding a cargo pod like the one Cessna uses for the Caravan. That'll give easier access and controlled cooling.
  23. So Ron, assuming one gets a HAM liscence, just what IS available for long range transmission of both radio and video? I'm in the US. I have the 1 watt Eagle Tree Pro that is supposed to reach out to 14 miles for telemetry. I haven't tried it as I know the limiting factors are my 2.4 ghz 14MZ's range and 1.3 ghz 1/2 watt down link.
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