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  1. Okay about the $100 dollar thing, that's negotiable. Just wanted to see if it was possible. And I'm not worriedabout the cost of the plane. I just want to know a ball park estamite of a video camera and reciever system price. And don't worry about my experiance or anything. I just want to know if it is feasible and how much it costs and how to do it. Please let me know if you can. radarman
  2. Yeah I know you do camera stuff. And i don't know about any local clubs that I would be able to join. We're kind of out in the boonies here. Ummm since you mentioned something about a camera, I was just wondering how I could get a mini camera mounted onto the belly of any plane that runs continuasly and has a live feed to a mini monitor. Is it possible without going over 100 dollars? I know this isn't the right spot to mention this but i was just wonderin and all radarman
  3. It doesn't matter much to me whether its safe or not. And I'm pretty sure its legal here. I just want to know if its possible, if it is how to do it, and what kind of plane should i use. I have been looking at the B-29 Superfortress because i was told the bigger and more powerful a plane is, the more it can hold. Pleas let me know if this plane would work and how to do it or please tell me a plane that would be strong enough. These aren't huge snowballs adn i would only drop about 5 at once. What is rc group? And whats a servo thing? Thanks for your replys already and I hope I get some more radarman
  4. Hey I need help people. I want to customize a r/c plane to drop snowballs during a huge snowball fight at my house. It would also be a good senoior prank. But I can't figure out how to make a door or something that i could open by remote to drop these balls and I don't know if any planes are strong enough. Can someone please help? I would be greatly appreaciative if you would. And remeber what goes around comes aroud ;-) radarman643 PS: If you are looking at this and can't reply, please email me at radarman644[AT]hotmail.com to give me some ideas. thanks
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