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  1. Hi Folks, saw this today in the shop: http://www.sitecom.com/product.php?product...4&subgroupid=2# I just gave up finding the %$!?#ยงยง Connector for the Goof Proof Patch antenna. Frequencywise it should be a match with the receiver. Anybody has experience with WLAN patch antennas and wireless video? Btw. That thing is approx. 40 euros... thx 4 u'r answers moscito
  2. Hi Mr. RC-Cam, thanks for the hint. Well it was the missing cap. Interestingly it would not regulate at all w/o output cap. Hmmm. this lets me think about what's going to happen, if the cap will loose contact during cam operation. The reg will probably fry the cam then. I finally decided to use the LT1085. Safer operation ... Cheers Moscito
  3. Sorry - the story has not ended yet ... After buying the 2940 I tried it, but it would not regulate to 5 Volts. I used pinout IN-GND-OUT just as the datasheet was saying. Interestingly other samples of the same type behaved the same. Can somebody pls veryfi his/ her pinout? Thx in advance Cheers Moscito
  4. Thanks folks, I have choosen the LM2940CT -5 with a VDO of .5Volts Tomorrow I'll check what capacity I cann pull before the Vreg shuts off. Cheers Moscito
  5. Hi Folks, having a 5V CCD cam and a two cell LIPO battery I need to reduce battery voltage. I have read most of the topics regarding the voltage regulators. Has anybody yet spent a thought about just using 3-4 diodes in series to reduce the voltage? I'm wondering if it will work ... Thx 4 your inputs moscito
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