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  1. I tried 2-3 meters - as far as I could having my glasses on me, and anthenna on the ground - no luck. Futher away does not make a lot of sence for me as I will need longer cables - for nothing. Range test gave me about the same result as with my old 72mhz eclipse. So I'll wait until spektrum become 5 ghz
  2. So, I've got DX7 and tested it. Range test - no problem, nice feature - both receivers have LEDs and they started to blink when signal is weak. They can not acquire the signal when they 1 inch or close to the camera's anthenna. But move them away 3 inches - and no problem. But. When I checked the picture quality - I have clear picture only when plane is nearby. As soos as I put the plane 5-10 meters away, I was getting horizontal lines on the screen. So, tomorrow I'll take DX7 back to the shop. What a pity - I love that radio already. Good luck, Elena.
  3. I just called Spektrum and they said should not be any issues. But all over the internet thet post it will cause interference. My DX7 will come next week, we'll see. Elena http://beauty.beads.googlepages.com
  4. Anybody has any experience will they interfere each other - in terms of range or video problems as they are on the same frequency?
  5. I have those. They are video OR vga, not both. Mine is av. I can not compare with something else, they are my first googles. Quality is OK. Now I would prefer bigger FOV, because now you are looking like in the hole - picture is far avay for my taste. But I fly with them and I am happy
  6. Ok, second plane and second flight with camera - no problem at all! Was airborne about 20 min, flying around, circles, everything, and came home with e-starter in one piece. Did not use googles, just record everything on notebook to watch later. Was surprised how fast it looks on the screen, it is so slow from the ground. This time I put my camera under the left wing (no pan) and Tx under right, about 10 inches from rx. No interference. Next windless time will try with googles. Thanks everybody!
  7. My name is russian :-) It was my first flight with camera, but before I fly that plane for couple month usual way, so I have some experience (before before I fly a heli - t-rex 450:) I am flying alone - not comfortable when others around, learning from every crash. Another e-starter almost complete, this week will try again. Thanks a lot for helping me! Elena
  8. No Cars or Cats Were Harmed in the Production of this Film, just one unlucky foam plane May be I will mount rx anthenna cable along the wing (instead of fuselage) and then to the tail, and keep tx/antenna on another wing.
  9. TX: http://rangevideo.com/500mw.html Receiver: hitec electron 6, under the wing. Separate power for receiver and tx/camera. Should have check the range before flight, but no patience that time Next time I will not set up the servo for the camera, I'll fix the camera under one wing, and TX under another. I did not control it by video thhat time, but watching it later, was surprised, how fast it moving. From the ground it does not look so fast. I wonder if I will be able to control it by video.
  10. Do not know. It was my first plane, full of epoxy glue everywhere. May be camera+tx+servo+bec became too much for it. Can somebody recommend me a foam plane big enough to carry all that stuff?
  11. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-3...341349836&hl=en Not too much luck for me this time, will have to build another plane
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