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  1. I put a variable resistor 100 ohm between the video signal input and ground and turned it all around, but the picture starts to role verry fast, when i take the the resistor of it akes a few seccond's untill picture is back to normal.Any idee Edwin
  2. Hi mr-cam Yes i made it a custom version , the only thing that's left over is a pcb and a tv tube, it had also a cable connector with 15 wires, so i tryed to figured out wich the video was, i found two for a video signal one had a very week signal, the seccond the one i use. I hope i have given you enough information. Good website !! , i have been looking for a while to find something about all this stuff but probably having used the wrong words in a surgemachine. i just made the ground plane antenna, i can't wait to check it out. PS: i made the copper wires (4) 5.66 cm and the top one too. Greetings Edwin www.silverwerk.nl
  3. Hi there, i'm using a videocamera vieuwer to see what i'm doing, but the display is to bright for the picture what result into a picture without sharpness and detail. I'm using such a chinese remote cam 1.2Ghz with familiar receiver. Does some one can help me? Thanks Ed
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