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  1. Hi, I used a system with a 2.4ghz with patch antenna and recently I bought a 900MHz system. can I use the 2.4 ghz patch antenna with 900mhz?
  2. Hello wilson, nice vid when you attempt to landing it was close to you . I'm in Canada. Serge
  3. hello wilson thank you to respond. here the spec of my material. receiver Features: - DC 12V operating voltage - 240mA power consumption - 2.4ghz frequency band - 8 channel operation - 80 x 63 x 20mm - Detachable SMA antenna transmiter Features: - 500mW RF output power - 2.4ghz frequency band - 8 channel operation with PLL lock - Transmits both video and audio - Detachable SMA antenna - 12v, 450mA - 80 x 52 x 18mm, 50g Camera Features: kx131 - 1/4" Sony Super HAD CCD - 180mA power consumption - DC 5V (±10%) operating voltage. 12V with regulator
  4. Hello everyone, I'm not so good in english but I will try to explain my situation, I'm new in FPV and just started to buy my stuff. I've got the camera kx131 and TX/RX steal searching for google. I've got a Sony digital cam HC20 with firewire input no analog. To convert the signal, I bought the Pyro A/V converter API-557 ADS Tech. I connect to the output of the converter, my cam (firewire) and my analog display (tv or google). I just made some test inside my house and everything seem to work properly very neet image. But sometimes, when I move inside my house, I lost the signal and
  5. You can use the X-Port technology made by Hobbyzone. They made a module that can be attach on their Firebird plane. "can transform an airplane into a long-range bomber, a master aerial combat machine, or an illuminated flyer on a calm night". And it's not expensive look at here for detail . http://www.horizonhobby.com/Articles/Artic...?ArticleID=1494
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