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RC-CAM.com (main site and forum) will be closing down August 2021. This was announced several months ago (March 2021) to allow our members ample time to download any information that is important to them. After the site is shutdown the information will no longer be available here.

We appreciate every member's involvement with advancing the FPV hobby. It is indeed sad to say goodbye to all our online friends. Be safe and stay healthy.

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  1. Wilson, Do you belive in telepatie? because i have placed and order 3 hours ago, my shoice was HXT20-20L hacker Style Brushless Outrunner 20-20L , i suposed that an inrunner for easy star it will be a good choice, but this one can work in an extra 300 i also have. I have two questions, i buy today an lent 6mm of focus i know that most off you are yousing less mm of focus but as i will buy headtrack from aeropix i think could be an option what yours opinion? , second do you guys know if there is any problem with aeropix paypal? as i can not place an order, i am trying it from yesterday and no luck. about that united hobbies this will be my fist order from tham because i have one friend that done it from me, i made this one triyng to see if there is any problem with my paypal account, and no problem at all, U.H. have good products servos engines lipos, good products and mutch less expensive.
  2. My engine is a 450TH just engines speed control Jeti 40 A opto 900. Its skary be without engine but i have no smaller one, this one puts easy star at 45º up nose. But i have to by another one.
  3. twinturbostang I am using a camera identical to rc-tech: http://www.rc-tech.ch/web/index.php?page=s...emid=26〈=fr thats a 380 lines cmos, and the lent are very bad because is focuded in the medle but around is out of focus, i all ready have another new one to try it with better optics. wilson I take off visual made one or two turns visual and than passes to googles also landing has made with googles, wend i made a slow pass the engine refuses to start again and i have to land, motor and regulator are not very compatibly.
  4. Another video, this one my with my first setup TX10 380 lines cmos camera 10 mw tx, the quality is not very good and have interfernces in image heven near me, any sugestions to solve that wantil i receive range video tx?
  5. Thank you all for your suport and and information to help me solve my interference problems, "I fly with Multiplex Tx/rX sintetized and rx is an IPD that is more like PCM, wend we detects interference enter flight safe you will notice that in the movie, if you watch carefuly you see it and in the final off the flight wend i "land" (: the comands blocked 20 feets high and only libert imediatly before landind but... too late." like a said i think one problem is rx blocked. but that as the efect the cause like you said must be the proximidatly of tx 500mw and rx also i am usind 3 bat one 3s 2100 lipo for engine one 900 ma nimh for rx and one 3s 800 lipo for Tx/camera, every thing in the nose of easy star less regulator 40 a jeti opto inside the fuss +- unther the wing. About rising the antena thats a realy good idea, i will triyed wend i put that plane in the air again, but i have a biger problem my 500 mw tx doesnt work, i placeded at range video order to 500 mw tx puls 2.9 lent i wope they will be fast delivery but as iam in Portugal i suposed have to wait some wekees, that as the fist sujestion of Vrflyer who help me a lote in my decision and pacience responding to my emails, but i have to fly and have very dificult to wait so long but this time i will wait, about sharp ccd 420 i like it, is cheap, with a very strong metal box and with a goog image and color that i have all ready compared with sony. right kwow i am going to fly my Acromaster made some 3d flying as i start fpv i stop flying with my other planes. PS : any sujestion were i put tx and rx in easystar ?
  6. Ello everybody , As a beginer i suposed i have to made first my presentation: I am a 36 years, start rc at 18 years, and FPV 1 month. Initialy one tx10 camera rx/tx a dvd 7" with a cardbox to stop the light. Know upgrade for Rimax 4.0 googles (buyed from a shop 30 km from my home) and fly next day, i has thinking in the z800 but to mutch time to deliver, a 420 ccd sharp (or LG) from china with a very strong metal box and a 500 mw tx from Active Robots. Were is my first flight with this new set, the quality is not very good because the compression but in the googles was great and i have to cut part of the flight (originaly 12 minuts). I fly with Multiplex Tx/rX sintetized and rx is an IPD that is more like PCM, wend we detects interference enter flight safe you will notice that in the movie, if you watch carefuly you see it and in the final off the flight wend i "land" (: the comands blocked 20" high and only libert imediatly before landind but... too late. After two more flights with some interferences, thes last one was really the last one, i became with the comands blocked and motor running with nose down, well one EASY STAR less the camera lent brocken lipos etc.. I Suposed it was the 500 mw tx that interfear with the rx because wend i fly with 10 mw tx10 no interference what is your opinion. Sorry for so long post but as i dont know any one were in Portugal in FPV world to share my experience i have to do it with you. Fly safe, fly FPV
  7. Ello again, I dont know whats happen with me but i stop flying with my regular airplanes and only fly with my FPV electric cessna. As most of you i bought an Easy Star to put the camera, hope tomorrow made maiden flight, as i am using an TX10 camera and an LCD/DVD is time to made the next step, thats wend i need some help again. I have to choose a new camera, TX/RX 2.4 mhz and googles. Googles i am waiting for rcflyer opinion of the new ones, and what about camera and TX/RX ? CCD? 200 mhz? Supliers (if possible in europe). Thanks in advance from your help, Luis Gabriel (a new adictid to FPV)
  8. Andres, Have you got a cristal ball ???? Because the excitement of FPV novilty i simply forget to fly visual first, and after take off i made a circuit and go for landing, wend i made the last turn with a very little speed and just a few meter of altitude, the airplane simple stall and i have no time to do anything, only see the grass it me very fast, (fortunely i am a vejetarian). fortunely only minor damage in the airframe, one servo and the speed control burn. After lunch and some work, again in the field this time with no flaps, i start to made some simple flight, but i can resist to start landing, than i made my full flight with my head inside de BOXDVD, just great, after that loops and rolls, very confusing, then the sun goes down and made the last landing with minor lights. I have another question, the light hitting the prop are made horizontal lines in the screen and wend the sun goes down they stop. Is it normal ? Do you know any place in Spain/Europe that sell good googles with an afortable price?
  9. Perfectliy clear thank, i have all ready buy that resistors but i am afraid that they are a litle big to my servo but i will do it. Tomarrow i will (i hope) fly with my simple FPV equipment, but i as made i few chances since last wekend, a new 8dbi antena two servos in ailerons to make flaps to slow down the model, better light isolation in the my goggles BOXDVD, im realy ancious to that flights. I sow in some forum talking about goggles Z800 are they good ?
  10. Vrflyer, Thanks for your reply, i will wait for your opinion about that new google, by the way same minuts ago i show to my 8 years old daughter the first film i saw (FPV) who made me start in fpv, and is your film (vrflyer) with an easystar in a park. Once more thank you, I wonther if you cold help me i use a futaba servo for moving the camera left/right how can i make the servo traveling 180º, i saw some place to put some resistors in the pot (what is the pot) as i am Portuguese my enghish is not very good. Luis Gabriel
  11. Hello everybody and thanks... for show me this new "view" off the hobby, i sow one movie 10 days ago, from that time until know i only saw me flying over and not from. i by a cheap camera a tx10 with a 10mw trasmitter, that i put over one servo for left and right view, i also use a portable dvd 7" inside of a card box, i receive that camera friday and went to fly saturday afternoon... well my life change wend i saw the horizont move just like in the Cessna 152 that i fly to obtain my pilot licence. make three flights untill sunset, saturday i made two flights and my first landing... now that i am a new adictid to FPV i need your help, i have to by some googles, i am thinking in chinese GVD510 ???? 640h*480v that i can by in europe for 300 Euros, thanks in advance for your attention and apolagise for my bad enghish Luis Gabriel
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