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  1. I am selling a new and unused Aeropix headtracker It has a Futaba square type connector $150 plus $7 shipping (USD) Save $30 PM me Regards, Scott
  2. Hi The only modifications to the servo are two holes drilled in the top casing to attach the gearbox, i shall have to measure the weight. It is quite light, the top and bottom plates are made from carbon fibre and the spacers are aluminium. it is also fully ballraced and has high quality machined gears, i can supply a list of parts / suppliers for anyone interested. PS about the muffler, yes i agree the other side would have been better but this said no oil as yet has been found on the lense I designed it to be compact as it is going on my easystar, just need some decent weather to give it a good test. Regards, Scott
  3. Hi I thought i'd share my 360 degree servo mod Heres a short video clip Regards Scott
  4. Hi Su-30MKM I did'nt use a head tracking gyro, i had the camera on the left stick and the elevator / rudder on the right with the throttle on a variable channel I have just received a gyro from Aeropix so i'm looking forward to trying it. Scott
  5. Hi John Yes its an old american ww2 airbase, it was a B17 / B24 heavy bomber station Its great fun to fly around, with lots of obstacles Just ordered the head tracking gyro from aeropix so should be even more fun Scott
  6. Hi All Nice videos Heres another of mine from last weekend Scott
  7. Hi I've been flying FPV for a year now and thought it was time i posted my first video, hopefully a first of many. Like so many others i was inspired by Denis (Thanks Denis) , It has bought a whole new aspect to flying for me http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FEglHy1rHw8 Regards, Scott
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